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ekay - January 6

I am about 4 week pg and have no br___t tenderness. I think I implanted on the 3rd or January and it is only the 6th. Does anyone have any advice??Thanks


Marie - January 6

If you only impanted 3 days ago it seems very quick for it to show up on a hpt test - I take it it was positive??


bj - January 6

if you just implanted 3 days ago how do you know your pregnant already?!!! there is no way it would tell i right or wrong?


Cris - January 6

My b___st are very tender. That was my first sign. I'm normally chesty but now they are huge and hurt. My b___bs look fake it's horrible.


ekay - January 6

On Monday the 3rd I had light brownish -pink discharge...then on Wednesday I went to the doc and had blood drawn. My hcg level was at 39, so I am barely pg. But my b___bs don't hurt so I want to know if that is normal since it is so early..


ekay - January 6

By the way, bj, your body starts creating hcg once you implant, so that is why I went to the doc, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on hpt. I knew they would be able to pick up even small amounts, so I guess you can tell that early. Here goes the waiting game!


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Ekay, don't wish on yourself every symptom of pregnancy in the book - you may come to regret it. An hCG of 39 two days after implantation is quite encouraging. Anything over 5 is above background. I have deleted my thoughts about a doctor who would order this test at this stage of a pregnancy, for fear they would sully my reputation. No wonder health insurance costs are going out of control.


tiffani - January 7

Is this your first pregnancy? My b___bs hurt like hell with my first, and not at all with my second.


ekay - January 7

This is my third pregnancy. I remember them hurting with my 1st, not so much with my 2nd, and now there is nothing. I still am very very early though. Do you think that sounds about right?


tiffani - January 7

ekay, I wouldn't worry a bit. Enjoy the fact that they don't. :o)



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