No Cysts Or Tumors

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faith - April 16

I did another pelvic ultrasound yesterday and again ruled out any cysts or tumors. I thought initially they were going to give me a abdominal ultrasound, to find out why my stomach was hard and why have little poking movements in my lower abdomen. I am still feeling this little movement in my stomach. I do not think it is gas.


to faith - April 16

Some people want to be pregnant sooo Bad they actually create symptoms and feelings.The mind is a powerful thing.Some people can trick their bodies into thinking they are pregnant when they really aren't.


to whoever - April 16

I do not want to be pregnant really bad. I do not believe you can imagine being pregnant that your stomach starts growing and you start having symptoms. First I do not want to be pregnant. When I was directed to this site I was looking up my symptoms on the internet like most people do to determine what their problem is when a doctor say there nothing wrong and you still feel something is wrong. People die when doctors misdiagnosed. So when a found this site there were alot of people who had my problem and it is a serious problem. If your mother or your child came to you with a problem and you took them to the doctor and they said oh it is normal would you just ignore them after that. This is not about being pregnant it is about being concerned. I do not believe your body can trick you into being pregnant, because when I was young I wanted to pregnant and I had no symptom or signs of pregnancy and I wanted to be pregnany really bad than. I think other women on this board would agree. I think you would know if something was not right.


faith - April 16

Add let me add this. I have being going back and forth from I could be sick or pregnant. They have check me for both and ruled them both out. They said is nothing wrong with me. So are you saying that I want to be sick soooo bad that my mind is playing tricks on me. I definitely do not want to be sick. You and these other folks that write that people want to be pregnant so bad they trick their bodies into thinking they are pregnant really need to think about what you are writing, because if you think we are crazy and the doctors know all than you are the ones that are crazy.


to faith - April 16

You describe poking movements in your stomach and feeling movement. If doctors say they checked you for cysts and tumors and pregnancy and ruled out all of them.Are you saying that you think You have a baby in your stomach? Gas can cause movement too.And yes women can fool them selves into believing they are pregnant. And yes their stomachs grow.They're are many doc_mented cases.You need to be on a Health forum. Not pregnancy one.This forum is not professional opinions they are peoples opinions and advice.If you don't like the answers don't Post.


to whoever - April 16

Like I said before,I do not have a desire to be pregnant. Not only refering to pregnany,but any other sickness that exist. My aunt was diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis and ended up having lung cancer. She kept going back and forth to the doctor and died 4 weeks after being diagnosed. It has nothing to do with pregnancies but your health. What these we on this forum are trying to say is that urine tests are not reliable(read other people posts) there are people who say that they had negative test and still was pregnant. I even know someone personally who told me after said forget it I am not testing who said she miscarriage because said she was not pregnant. If you so stupid and so ignorant to think someone just want to be pregnant and if you do not like my question do not reply to me than.


Lynn - April 16

Do you have any other symptoms? Also, how long has this been going on? I know it's hard, but don't be upset about people who immediately think it's in your head. Some people believe drs are always right. Unfortunately, they're not. My dad was misdiagnosed as having asthma and emphesema, but he actually had pulmunary fibrosis. This disease is ultimately terminal, but if treated early, can prolong a person's life as well as help them to breathe better during the time they have left. Because of the misdiagnosis, he died much sooner than he had to. So I don't have much faith (no pun intended) in drs knowing everything. If you took a pregnancy test and it was negative, it's not a hysterical pregnancy. In those VERY RARE instances, people with hysterical pregnancies usually get positive urine tests, as well as every symptom in the book. And, they have to want to be pregnant. I have never heard of a hysterical pregnancy where the person DIDN'T want to be pregnant. I am also leery of drs that just tell you nothing is wrong, which basically implies they think you are having hysterical symptoms.


faith - April 16

Yes I do, but reason I having explain them in this question because I have explained them in other questions.


shonda - April 16

I agree with Faith. I mean when people think other people are crazy it in up tragic.


To faith - April 16

I went through the same thing. I was diagnosed with a tumor, a year later. I was also told nothing was wrong and these dr. even ask me if I wanted to be pregnancy.The problem is you are not being taken seriously.---------Are you still having a period? Did this so called dr. do a blood test? Did they explain to you why your stomach was hard and that what That poking feeling was? Do you have a male or felmale dr. I feel like older male drs. and felmale drs. seem to be more caring and understanding. SWITCH DRS!-=---------I know someone that had periods and had every pregnancy sigh in the book and was told she was not pregnant. She did hpt and it was negative when she was 2 months pregnant. Finally after 4 months, after blood work, she was told she's pregnant.--------------What else is going on with you? I dont think the first person was being mean, but just gave her opinion. Let us know what is going on


faith - April 16

I am not trying to be upset with anybody. There have been to many people diagnosed wrong and it ended up sad. I have been through it and my friend has been through it. I do not put my faith in nobody but God. He is the only one who knows what wrong with anyone. Sorry to hear about your father Lynn and thank you.


yes Faith - April 16

U are right, the unknown is always scary . When doctors don't know, they'll tel u all is fine. Just because something has never happened b4 , does not mean it is not happening. I also know that with God, nothing is impossible and that all things are possible ! Men's intelligence and knowledge are limited, but not God's. PPl should put their faith in God and not men! God bless u faith XX


faith - April 16

I have not had a normal period since nov 26. I spotted off and on March and beginning of this month. It looks like it has finally stop(hopeful). It(bleeding) started from having s_x with partner. Two months ago I started growing out of some my clothes. I wore 5or 6, but than it changed to a 7and 8. I did not think nothing of it . Now I wear and 11 or 12. I did not test myself until Feb.(negative) by then I had missed 2 periods. Than I notice the white bumps on b___sts, veins on my b___sts(did not know that was a sign until I look on the web),colostrum from my b___st,black line is going from my navel to my rib,weight gain(I am a small person), bigger b___sts,sore b___st,a little nausea when I wake up the morning, a feeling(after I eat) of not being full in the middle of my stomach(felt that with pregnancy with my son), metallic taste in mouth(which taste months ago and did not realize it) I just kept thinking my mouth taste like a quarter. Like I said in other questions everything but positive test,so I do not know what wrong with me that why I came on this forum,because some of these people have the same problems I have and good to talk about to someone who understands you.


tired of the meanness - April 16

Faith Your question was vauge.Then you blast whoever for responding.Then you elaborate and blast whoever again.I do believe there is something wrong with you.Don't blast people for giving opinions.Go to a different doctor if you think your being misdiagnosed.You should apologize.Whoever was just adding insight.Alot of people who post her are TTC or have Pregnancy questions. You said you don't think your pregnant so why post on a pregnancy forum?Try wedmd they have a check your symptoms page.Hope this helps you.


? - April 16

Read twinges on right side.Sounds like your problem.


to tired of the meaness - April 16

I did not ask a question. I just told a problem. I do not have problem. I have been to 4 different doctors and using alot of money.


helpful - April 16

Could be a molar pregnancy.That is when your pregnant but,there is no baby.You can google and check it out. Did they rule out etopic? Have you had pain?



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