No Idea If I M Preggers Or Not HELP Please

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Jackie - December 20

My last period was on 11/01/04 and I was due for the next one on 12/02/04 but it never came. Intersourse occured on 11/25/04. I waited a week after my period was due but got negative results. I tested again on 12/15 and still got a negative result yet I'm having symptoms. what is going on?


kat - December 21

some people dont test pos until upto 8weeks,im in the same situation too!


kaylee - December 21

I am in the same boat. I don't know what to do. What is the latest someone has tested and gotten a positive?


Grandpa Viv - December 21

11/25/04 was way outside your fertile window unless you have a 40 day cycle. Do you watch your signs of ovulation and know that it had pa__sed? Are you coming off the pill? What symptoms do you have and when did they start? Based on the information available I would guess you are not pg., but tell us more.


jackie - December 22

my b___sts are swollen and sore, been having cramping but it isn't very painful, i'm ridiculously tired all the and constantly take naps during the day (i never did before). I've paid attention to my cycle and noticed if I end my period on the 1st of one month then I will start my next period the following month and thats how it has been this whole time. It's now day 21 of my missed period so is cheduled a blood test but its not until Jan. 6-am i overreacting about this


zuly - December 22

You need to take a blood test.


Grandpa Viv - December 22

That information increases the chances considerably. You could take a couple more hpts at one week intervals while you wait for the blood test. hCG is supposed to double every few days. Good luck!


JACKIE - December 28

what happens if its still negative?


Cindy - December 28

I am 2 weeks late and have taken 5 tests all neg. I know how you feel. I think I am going to go in to the obgyn and get checked. I am do for my anual anyway. Let us know what happens with you!!


JACKIE - December 31

new developments to the story: so I was 28 days late on my period but on the 28th of december my period started (my period normally lasts 5 days). it's the 30th and its already gone. Obviously my 1st question is can i still be pregnant? 2nd is, i made an appointment for a quant_tive blood test on jan. 6th. Should I keep it? I mean, ig uess it would be a good time to ask questions but i see no need if i'm getting mey period cause i'm probably not pregnant. can you guys help me out? i'm really confused


Just Me - December 31

I think you should still go through with the blood tests...That wat way, if it comes back neg, then you can track down the real problem...Treat yourself as if you are pregnant so you don't hurt the baby (if that turns out to be the case)...Good Luck...Tells us what happens with the testing...


kat - December 31

i think it sounds like you could be pregnant,even if you had intercourse outside your fertile time you could still get still testing neg but have symptoms,waitng to see if i get af as my lastone only lasted 3 days and very light,not my usual af! keep us posted! and happy new year!


Nichole - December 31

Hey, you sound just like me, except I haven't gotten my period yet. I figured it would come this week, and it's Friday. That would be #2 missed. :-( I took a hpt yesterday morning and it was negative. I don't think I'm pregnant! I have all the symptoms, although my b___sts don't seem quite so sore these last 2 days. I was researching and I read up on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Maybe I have that. :-( Good luck to everybody. I'll keep checking back to see if anybody else has good news. Mine seems so dismal. I just think that after 4 weeks since a missed period I'd definitely test positive. I know some say up to 8 weeks until there's a positive, but I just think my chances are really slim. Good luck, and keep us updated!


jackie - January 18

well, the blood test came out negative so my fiance and i are back to TTC. Blah, its a pain but in the end i figure sooo worth it



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