No More Aching Hips Still A Sign

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kelbabe - October 21

as above really! it has stopped today. so is it still classed as a sign or not?


Elisabeth S - October 21

i have no close are you? symptoms coming and going is normal throughout pregnancy........


Doubleal - October 21

Kel, how many dpo are you? i had the achey hips a couple of days ago and they went away. i am 10dpo and today my bb's hurt really bad and my belly popped out.


kelbabe - October 22

hi. im 7dpo. no more aching hips, but my sciatica was playing up abit again. i have had brown discharge, too. like before af, but i normally get it a day or two before. im sooo tempted to test! but i know i shouldnt - although i have like 6 tests ready!!!! lol. Doubleal, have u tested today?


Doubleal - October 22

Kel, No test today. Tomorrow morning i will do a test. I am now 11dpo and same as you today i have been having brown discharge. I think this may be it for us!!! I feel it ,we will get our BFP this month. I wonder if its implantation bleeding that i would have a positive tomorrow or if it still would be to early. What do you think? Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!!!! :)


kelbabe - October 23

doubleal, good luck. i think this is it for us too! with my brown discharge, its normally a lot mor, and like i said, usually a few days before af. but af isnt due till the 30th, plus the discharge was only slight! also been a bit watery too. oh let me know as soon as u test. baby dust.


Doubleal - October 23

Kel, I tested this morning and got a bfn. :( I am getting very discourged. I did read to wait 3 to 4 days after what you think is implant. bleeding. So maybe thats the problem ,i feel like i am making every excuse when i get a bfn.I had the brown discharge for most of the day yest. and hubby and i had s_x last night and when i wiped it was pink. This morning i almost feel like af is coming. I am due on the 25th and i think i will wait until then to test again.Yest. my bb's were so sore and today they don't feel that bad. It seems like my symptoms are fading. I am 12dpo and i thought i would have gotten a bfp by now. Oh well, i am stressing to much over this and wish i could stop. Good luck to you and how are you feeling today?


kelbabe - October 23

hi ya. maybe it is still to early. i hope so. i feel fine today!!! i just went to bed for a nap, and dreamt af arrived. do u think its a sign it will?


Doubleal - October 23

I hope its not. I had a dream that i had a bfp and it didn't happen. LOL Who knows anymore. I am feeling really down today. I think its all the stress of wanting to know and if it is the right decsion. This will be my 3rd.


kelbabe - October 23

ah, hunni. i felt like that last month. but i sat down and thought about things. i realised, its not worth getting upset about (even though i still do) and if i was so sure about having another kiddie (also my 3rd) then i wouldnt be trying. you cant go through life wondering if its the best thing or not, you will never get anything done!!! its bugging me so much, cause it was sooo easy for me to fall with my others. and now, it seems to be taking forever, even though its only been 4 months! try not to get to upset about, i know you will, you wouldnt be human otherwise, but relax a little. it will happen. like you said, it really does seem our month. but if it isnt, forget about it next month, then maybe it will happen - it always seems to work like that!!!


Doubleal - October 23

Thank you, you made me feel better. When do you plan on testing? Any new symptoms today for you? I am just alittle crampy on and off and have a headache(which i think i brought on myself).How old are your kids?


kelbabe - October 23

ahh, you are very welcome. when your feeling sad, its nice to have a few kind word of someone. my girls are 3 and 1. yours? i was thinking about testing tommorro. i will be 9dpo then, and if it comes up bfn i was gonna leave it till the weekend. im not dur till next week, but that semms sooo far away right now! i picked up a test this morning ready to test, but i put it back, thought to myself i can wait!!! for me, thats amazing!!! lol. i gotta get on with some cleaning, but i will be back on later. its just gone 3pm here, so i will be back on at about half 6. speak to you then hopefully. chin up, have a rest. xxxx


Doubleal - October 23

Mine are 7 and 10. We planned on having three from the begining but my brother had gotten sick and pa__sed away and then my hubby was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to deal with that. so things have come to a calm and figured we would try now. Where do you live? I take it not in the u.s. Hope to talk to you later!!!!


kelbabe - October 23

oh, gosh. im sorry to hear about your bro, and your hubby's cancer. i think its the perfect time to start trying! your brother would want you to, and im sure your husband is just happy he can! i live in england


Doubleal - October 24

Kel, Sorry i didn't get back to you. My boys had baseball last night. How are you feeling today? I am alittle nauses this morning. Af is due tomorrow, God don't let her come!!! I will test tomorrow morning. I will be 14 dpo, i calculated it on the computer so give or take a day. If i had the implant. spotting on the 22nd, that means i will be 3dp the spotting. I hope i get my 2 lines!!!


Megs - October 24

Not sure if you have your answer or not but I had achey hips (and KILLER sciatica!!!), especially my right, and AF showed her lovely self this AM... Good luck to you!


kelbabe - October 24

doubelal....i feel like s*** today! my dh's mum took the kid out for me, so i have been in bed all day! megs..........not got my answer yet. im sciatica is always playing me up, so i dont see it as a sign of preg. when you get sciatica you tend to get achy hips to, but at the same time. my hips didnt ache at the same time as my sciatica



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