No Morning Sickness And Pregnant

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trin's mom - October 14

I am 6 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy, although i miscarried the last baby (god rest his/her soul) at week 14. Now, a year later, I am pregnant again. I am hungry, tired, my br___ts are sore, I smell EVERYTHING and use the bathroom millions of times a day, have serious moodswings and light cramps---the whole 10 LONG yards. There is just one thing----where is my morning sickness??????? I have read that no morning sickness can indicate that u will eventually miscarry. Any advice????


Indie - October 14

Each pregnancy is different... if by morning sickness you mean throwing up, this does not happen to all women...and saying it indicates an eventual miscarriage is a wive's tale. Morning sickness is caused by the sudden changes in hormone levels. Some pregnancies release hormones faster than others and some women react differently to the hormones. Also, if you have been pregnant before, especially recently, or coming off bc, your body may have gotten accustomed to higher levels already and so your reaction could be different than a previous pregnancy. If you are worried because of previous miscarriage you should call your doctor. Remember, 25% of early pregnancies miscarry and most women don't even know it and think it is just a wee bit late af. With all these super sensitive pregnancy tests women are finding out sooner and then knowing about the early miscarriages. Women with later miscarriages (post 6 weeks) may have clotting problems which caused the miscarriage, or many other factors that docs sometimes say " wasn't a healthy embryo". But if you are worried, see your doc. Not throwing up isn't really something to worry about though.


Elizabeth - October 16

I have been having the signs ur having.I'm lost in my period timing not really sure becuz it changed on me. I'm a party gurl so when i take a shoot my stomache reacts to it n that has never happened so since then i havent had any beers.What if i'm pregnant? HOw do i tell my mother


to trins mom - October 17

i had morning sickness with each of my five girls but not with my son .my sister is on her 8th pregnancy not a day of sickness with either pregnancy and all are healthy children.i would say you are one of the lucky ones because the morning sickness i had was awful .i found out last week i am expecting my 7th i will be 5 weeks this week and no sickness so far.all women are different but it doesnt mean anything bad.good luck and enjoy your pregnancy


Kelli - October 20

Girls, I take the whole thing back--because i am now SICK. Did i say morning sickness???? i meant ALL DAY SICKNESS. -----as for elizabeth--i am not quite sure what u mean by "when i take a shoot, my stomach reacts to it", elaborate so that I can give u advice on how to tell your mom or whatever---but you better not be shooting anything--catch my drift :)


Elizabeth - October 21

Kelli.....I had been to a party n my stomache reacted to the shot i took.(which never happened as long as i been drinking)But anyway i didnt go through morning sickness but i do get really sick during the day n evenings. All of a sudden i eat lots, pee alot, n never had my monthly yet. I live with my foster mother but she treates me like i'm her daughter n she hopes i am pregnant, i am worried n scared what my biogical mother would say....Its like my bother is 20(i think) n hes expecting a baby of his own but my mother doesnt even like the label grandma....I dont know how she'll react when her teen daughter tells her that shes pregnant????


To Kelli - October 21

Kelli, how many weeks PG are you?? Did the monrning sickness all come at once??


To Trin's Mom - October 21

When you found out you were PG, Was it right after you missed your AF?? Did you every get a negative before your positive??


Kelli/trin's mom - October 21

I wasn't sick up until i hit week 6 i think--and it pretty much gradually comes on. I thought i was nauseated a few mornings,,,but when you have the "sickness", believe me, there is no mistaking it. You feel sick all day and night and morning and the best cure---eating even if you gag down every bite because a full stomach is a happy stomach. And as for elizabeth---whew- girl i am glad we are talking about "shots" and not "shooting". anyway, your mom will be very happy. there is something i think about a daughter being pregnant that suddenly brings out the "grandma" in our moms--whether they like it or not. and as for the fact that your brother is "expecting", still, technically his "wife" is the one expecting--and for a mom it is exciting but not as exciting as when their daughter is expecting. chances are, she will be just thrilled. -----anyway, yes i found out i was pregnant right after i missed my period. i thought i was because i couldn't seem to get enough food!!! i took a pregnancy test and it was negative. i waited like 4 days and i drank beer and everything (d__n those generic tests). then i went and got an EPT pregnancy test, and they have unmistakable results (the +/- ones). chances are, it will pick it up even if another doesn't. good luck.



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