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confusedlady - June 15

I have a 28-30 day cycle. I got my persiod on the 14 (Wedn) in the morning by the end of the night nothing on the pad and just light barely anything pink on the toilet paper. On tuesday I was very tired, naushus (wong spelling), headache, lower back ache and very painful cramps on the left side. It is now thursday and I still feel the same way painful lower back ache, morning cramp on the lower left side, and still a very bad headachebarely any bleeding on the pad and the same very fait pink on the toilet paper. Is this just a screwed up period or could it possibly be implantation bleeding. If it is implantation bleeding how long does that last, and if you have s_x while having implantation bleeding will it last longer or make it worse? How long does implantation bleeding last? Well hopefully someone will answer me please.


j. - June 15

what days did you have unprotected s_x?


confusedlady - June 15

I am on birth control but my boyfirend and I of 2 years dont use condoms ever.


confusedlady - June 15

Im just soncerned this time because 'I never feel this way when I have my period the only thing that is the kind of the same is my lower back hurts now but usually a few days before my period this happens then I know when i am getting it but this time that never happened. My b/f and I also have s_x about 10 times a week give or take a few days.


Rhonda - June 15

Could be IB,it can last from 2-5 days.But since you are having pain with the spotting/bleeding it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy,i would see a dr to rule out that possibility.


confusedlady - June 15

what is IB and an ectopic pregnancy


ashleyd - June 15

implantation bleeding is for refers to a pregnancy where the embryo doesn't make it to the uterus and latches on in your fallopian tubes which can be a very dangerous situation if it isn't caught. The doctor is the best bet in this situation.


confusedlady - June 15

the pain is only in the morning


confusedlady - June 15

All these syptoms I am having have to do with pms as well but Im just concerned because I never feel this way...


Rhonda - June 15

Well your pain could be due to several different things.But also an ectopic pregnancy can produce lower back pain as well.I still say see a dr to rule out the possibility.


Danielle26 - June 16

You seem to have posted quite a few questions on here in the last few days. No one here is going to be able to tell you if you're pregnant or not. If you're truly concerned, see you doctor. Good luck.


BrendaW - June 16

Take a test!!


oz - June 16

i know we all get stressed out over changes in our body, unusual periods etc but i really feel (like the other ladies) its best if you see a dr to put your mind as it seems your not really happy with the responses your getting to your numerous posts. If you see a dr that way you will know for sure. Goodluck xx


Lin - June 16

I disagree. There's no reason to bother the doctor just yet. Take a test first!



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