No Ovulation During Cycle

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Lynette - June 6

If you have a cycle where you don't ovulate, do you still get af as usual (on the day you would be expecting it) or do you not bleed until you eventually ovulate??


Audrey - June 6

Lynette- No ovulation during a cycle can result in one of two things: 1) you don't bleed until two weeks after you eventually ovulate or 2) you do get a period around the expected time but it's more a brownish colour than red.


Amy - June 6

Lynette with me i don't o evry month so i just don't get af till i do o


Rainbow - June 6

Hi Lynette. I read somewhere else that you don't get many replies, other than on the 2 you mentioned. Funny but I had just looked at your question before, and I didn't hit 'submit'. The reason I didn't was I thought it was a really good question to which I didn't have an answer! :-) So, I didn't say anything. I think though, that you can get what looks like a real period and not ovulate but that's what I think and I'm not 100% sure. I believe so because I know docs can't tell by periods alone, if you are ovulating properly, they still have to run lots of tests, don't they? Anyone else got any ideas?


viv - June 6

You don't get a true af unless you ovulate...but sometimes if you don't ovulate you can get what looks like a period, I can't remember what it's called, but it will be either a little lighter/heavier/shorter/longer than your regular period.


bump - June 6



hi - June 6

if you bleed but you don't ovulate it is called anovulatory cycle. you bleed but it is "either unusually heavy or light" (taking charge of your fertility - Toni Weschler). Toni also says: "such bleeding results when estrogen production continues to develop the uterine lining without reaching the threshold necessary to trigger ovulation: (1) the estrogen will build up slowly to a point below the threshold and then drop, resulting in 'estorgen withdrawal bleeding.' Or (2), more commonly, the endometrium builds up slowly over an extended period of time, eventually to the point where the resulting uterine lining is so thickened it can no longer sustain itself." i hope that helped. Toni's book is great!!!!!


Lynette - June 6

Thanks everyone - you've restored my faith in this forum ;-) Rainbow, I wasn't really referring to this question in the other thread, but to some others I'd posted in the past, but I guess that yes, I was being extremely negative about this one being answered and I'm pleased to see that I was wrong! I'm 5 days late for af now and still testing negative on hpt. I also tested negative on opk's this month so think maybe I just didn't ovulate - if that's the case I think Audrey's first suggestion might me the case. I'm getting a blood test today to make sure. Thank you and baby dust to you all :-)) *****++*++***



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