No Period Negative Test But The Signs Are Here

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Miss T - February 17

Hi Everyone... I am curious.. My last period was on the 5th of Nov.. I have had some light periods since, but not regular... My period is very very very very very regular.. I have had some slight cramping... lower backaches... but no period... My apet_te has changed.. I no longer eat what I used to eat.. My br___t are ever so tender and itch at times... I occasionally get this metallic taste in my mouth.. I tend to get a lil light headed at times.. I have been clearing a few rooms with my gas.. LoL.. but I havent been vomitting just a lil nauseated... I have taken a couple of hpts and I had a blood test done, but all of them were negative... I havent gained any weight, but my tummy is rounder than usual... The doctor hasnt done a pelvic exam or an ultrasound.. so Im left in the dark.. what do you all think is happening to me? Is there still a chance of pregnancy after all the negatives?


MandyD - February 17

I'm right there with ya Miss last period was Nov 21, nothing but a few days here & there of spotting since. Nothing at all in Dec, 2 days of spotting early Jan, and 1 day of spotting 2 weeks ago...don't know what my body is doing! All urine tests have been neg...still waiting on my blood test results...will get them today or tomorrow. My symptoms are occasional cramping in lower ab, dizziness/lightheadedness, heartburn, sore b___bs, blue veins, achy body, headaches, freq urination, discharge...heavier over the past week or so, nausea - haven't been sick yet though, thank goodness!, ga__siness, itching, and a couple times i've had a weird, kind of metallic taste...and starving all the time, but lose my appet_te or feel sick after i try to eat. Weird! I don't know what to think about myself or you...seems like we have so many signs, but tests always say no. Did your dr give you any other reasons about why you might have missed?


trixie - February 17

hi T&Mandy,i am in the same boat my last period was dec 19th and since then only day of spotting in jan.. n then this month a week of spotting from 2-7 and then again since yesterday a lil spotting. i have had 2 blood tests n atleast four urine test-2 with HPT and 2 at the lab.. but all negative.n i also have all these symptoms.. only my b___bs arent sore but i do have darkened aerolas.i have had an ultrasound but am waiting for results.. lets see wot happens.. i am so sure i am pregnant.. but the results of the tests are so dust to u both..keep me posted



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