No Period After Taking Provera Please Help

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Mytwobobos - May 16

After months of TTC and not getting periods or ovulating my doctor put me on provera to induce a period. I was on the 5 day dose and it says that I should get a period 3-7 days after the last pill. Today is the 7th and I have no sign of a period. I'm so frustrated at this point. My doctor also gave me clomid which is just sitting in my bathroom waiting to be taken but I'm suppose to have a period first and take it on day 4 of my cycle. I have all the tools to help me get pregnant and I can't even get something as simple as a period. It getting depressing at this point. I also took a pregnancy test two days ago which was negative. Has this happened to anyone else, not getting a period after finishing Provera? Please help anyone who has experienced this. Thanks


jessimarietta88 - June 11

so i hsve been bleeding for 15 days now my doc put me on PROVERA to stop the bleeding... and to get my period back on track... the only thing i'm worried about is after i'm done taking the med will it be easier to get pregnant or will it be much harder??? and my question to you Mytwobobos is are you finally pregnant???????? and i've read that alot of females were taking CLOMID to help them become pregnant and i'm like why would PROVERA not make my chances go up??? i'm sooo lost!!!!!!!!!!


Mytwobobos - June 11

Hey there. Not pregnant yet : ( I took provera for 5 days and was suppose to get my period 3-7 days after the last pill. I finally got my period 11 days after my last pill and gladly started my clomid on CD4-7. I ovulated on CD18 and at this point it's just a waiting game before I can test. I'm at 5DPO so I am going to wait another week to test. It's true that provera will get your period back on track or at least it's suppose to. The theory is that it will be easier because you will get a regular period and you can track ovulation, etc. When I got pregnant with #2, I hadn't ovulated or had a period in a year. My doctor put me on provera to get my periods going and instead of ovulated and got pregnant. I found out when I was done taking the provera and a period never came. If you ovulate with no problem then once your period is straightened out you should be able to get preggo. Sorry, hope this helps. Good luck!


jessimarietta88 - June 11

Mytwobobos- Thank you so much!!! i'm just so ready to stop all of this bleeding!!! and start trying for a baby:)...... my boyfriend is leaving for the air force in july or aug..... and we both decided that it'll be the right time.... but thank you and please keep me updated!!! and i'll do the same for you! God bless!!!


Mytwobobos - June 11

Sure thing. Best of luck to both of us!


tashiesnikers - November 4

hi I just finish taking provera 10mg 4 days ago, im not sure when to expect my period. how long will she take to show herself? im ttc for some time now and my doc put me on provera for 5 days and then clomid for 5 days as well. and when are the best possible time to try and conceive? im so new at this, and im so anxious!


mrsthompson2012 - December 21

I have not had my period in the beginning of July so it has been 5 months and no period. But when I did have my last period it was for 2 months. I got that period because I was put on a bc called BeYaz... but now 5 months without a period.. I have took pregnancy test and they are all negative. I ended my 10th pill of Provera on the 18. It is now the 21st and no period. Idk what to do. My fiance and I want kids.


kerrinesingh - February 8

i am 21 and my bf and i have been trying to get pregnant for 7months now with no luck. I went to the doctor and he prescribed provera (5 days dose) and folic acid can this help me to get pregnant? he said i should get pregnant by april. is this true??


MrsChin - December 13

I'm 26 and my husband and I have been trying for a baby the past 2 yrs. I only get 1 or 2 period per year and this as been so for 4 to 5 yrs. My OBGYN prescribe I take Provera 10mg for 5 days so that I can get my period. I took the last pill on the 9th and it's been 4 days now and no period. I'm suppose to call the clinic on my 1st day of period to schedule a HSG test to see if I have blocked tubes before he starts me on Clomid. Don't know what to do.



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