No Period And Negative Result

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gj - February 14

Im 10 days late, no sign of my periods. Did have some spot bleeding 3 weeks ago. both blood & urine tests negative?!! what is going on....


Jen - February 14

I'm the same situation as you. Over a week late and negative results. I had the pink spotting as well about 3 weeks ago too. Can anybody tell us what's going on with us?


s5 - February 14

I am in the same spot as you ladies. I just took another test this morning and I am also atleast a week past the norm. But again neg. This is so frust.


Wondering - February 14

Hello. I'm 9 going on 10 weeks pregnant and hpt and urine tests are still coming back negative! Scan has confirmed though so I can a__sure you I'm not delusional! lol. It can take up to 3 or 4 months for a test to come back positive. So if you're still getting neg results, it's not uncommon. Best of luck to you all x


to wondering - February 14

Did you have any other symptoms besides a missed period to convinced your doctor to do a scan?


Wondering - February 14

I missed Jan and Feb's period, I had nausea that came in waves during both day and night, extremely sore b___bs and nipples both of which grew larger, my b___bs went up a whole cup size with the first 4 weeks! bright blue veins running through them and on my belly, mongomery's tubercles, heavy bloating, tired all of the time, mild cramping and also a sort of "ripple" feeling down the left side of my belly which would last 3-4 seconds at a time, peeing every 5 minutes! lower back ache (more like a discomfort than a pain) increased appet_te, increased sense of smell, my hair and nails were growing super fast! I had everything since virtually day one of conception! Can't mind too much though as this little one has been long awaited! I just knew I was pregnant, it felt so different to any other month we'd ttc. Call it women's/mother's intuition if you will, I just knew! My doctor agreed to the scan because I basically said it was the only thing that would convince me I wasn't pregnant. He said okay probably just to get me out of his surgery lol and he was shocked to see a little bean! I wasn't though =) Good luck everyone! And a very Happy V Day to you all x


to Jen & s5 - February 15

do you have any other symtons as well. I don't feel any change... but have strong sense of smell, bit of tirednes not much to go by.... gj


stephanie - February 15

to wondering: that is so weird i am in the same boat as you except i have not confirmed yet i am getting my blood test all the same symtopms except plus i am itching all over and i mean exact same have been ttc since oct04 and my doc says if the blood test is neg. then she is going to put me on the pill to make it come but i dont think i am going to take it because someone told me if i am then it will hurt our baby and i DONT want that so my best bet is to get an ultrasound? PLEASE e-mail at [email protected] if you do not mind i would like to ask you a few questions..thanks so much..goodluck 2 ALL..BABY DUST <3


bmp - February 16



Becky - February 16

I have had every symptom there is it seems like (though while my AF was late, she did come, but only lasted one day then spotted...and this happened for two months). I've had neg urine tests though (and tried 4 different brands), but why else would I have all of these symptoms, I haven't been stressing out over it/causing it to could I cause spider veins to appear anyways :-p I've had pretty bad nausea for the past 4 days, though haven't thrown up. Am set for a blood test on the 22nd... if it comes back neg should I ask for a u.s.? Also, is it better for quantative or qualative? can't they do both?


Re to gj - February 16

I have alot of symptoms that come and go, tired , cramping , nipples soreness( not as much now), b___bs sore, back aching, moody (very moody), ga__sy, bloated , thirsty, diff cm(creamy), alot of saliva, peeing a little more, eyes very sore(that is a weird one, think because tired), dizzy (some times) weepy (big sucky), weird dreams, and with all this no pos yet, but my a/f are extremely irregular. My hubby seems to be a doctor and tells me that all the tests are wrong and I am preg, ( he isn't a doc either) he just thinks he is one sometimes. No weird sense of smell though and the metallic taste that I do remember from my other pregnancies not so much now. Well good luck I am going to test again this weekend, if it is a norm per, like other peoples i would have had around the 10 of Feb.


Re to gj - February 16

Sorry last post I didn't put who it was from ...S5


stephanie - February 17

well every thing is the same with me i ent for qualitive hcg blood test uesterday and i will know later on today ..i will kee everyone dust to all and please say a prayer that I am pregnant...goodluck and becky yeah it is better to get qualitive because it measures not just if you prego but it looks at what levels your hcg hormone is at hope this helps <3


Beth - April 12

I am going on 3 months late for my period, at first I threw up alot and after the first month I missed my period I have thick (very thick) brown discharge. so I went to the gyno she tested me with urine it came up neg. so I went home then the following month I missed my period again, so i went to my family doctor b/c I was having lower back pains and soreness right above my pubic hair line she sent me to the lab to have a blood test it also came back neg. now I am swelling up really bad in my abdomen (I am 98 lbs so every new pound shows) my nipples are sore to even wash in the shower, I have no period and soon it will be 4 months with no period. I also pee every 30 minutes maybe more, I have bad gas...... I get so hungary some times I wanna pa__s out and when I do eat I feel sick, and in the morning my stomach and chest burn really bad........ what is up?


Jenice - April 12

beth--i'm in almost the same position as you...except i'm only 2 months late for my period. (!) my suggestion...get an ultrasound done!! i think i'm going to do the same. at least then we'll know, right? best of luck!


jadey - May 1

I am also 10 days late. All home tests read negative, even the early morning urine. I went to the Doc yesterday and he had a bllod test done, should get the results this Monday. Have no real symptoms except for nausea which comes and goes throughout the day. A lot of clear, thin cm. No sore b___bs, but a feeling of bloating. The hunger is crazy, I get so hungry sometimes, which is new for me. So am I pregnant?


julie - June 8

I had blood tinged tp on May 28th. when I wiped only. I took a hpt today with a neg. result. I am ssoooooo tired all the time. I am now discharging like crazy for several days, a clear, creamy consistency. and my stomach area and top of pubic area itches like crazy. I am peeing all the time. I have acne (I havent had that in yrs.) Any advice on whats going on with me???



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