No Period But Pos Test

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Lorraine - October 25

Question: I justed wanted to let everyone know out there who may be feeling a bit low if you are in the same position i was (and also i need to tell someone as i'm so excited!) My story is this - came off the pill six months ago and didn't want to try until three months later as i won't everthing to get back to normal, however i never had a period in the whole six months. One month i had a slight brown discharge that i hope was implantation bleeding but turned out not to be and last month i had 2/3 days of very light bleeding, so light that i only had to wear a panty liner. Also last month i started taking an OV test every day and had some strange readings in the fact that my body wasn't following the normal pattern of what should happen. I've a posotive OV reading on the 6 Sept but then had this light bleeding start on the 12th Sept - normally you wouldn't have your period until around 14 days after this, however i kept doing the tests all still negative and i didn't have another posotive OV test until 8th Oct, My line (as before) was there but but not as dark as the control line so i decided to keep doing the tests everyday in case it was a false reading and for the next two days they were negative and then on the 11th Oct i had another posotive - this i find strange therefore if anyone has any comments please don't be shy. I recorded all this information and i started to see a pattern and worked out that i have a 32 day cycle abd that i should have a period at the week-end just gone. I didn't so yesterday and agai today i did a pregnancy test and they've both come back posotive. I have had a few syptoms tender br___ts, cramping period like pains so i wasn't too sure, i've also had a break out in spots at least one big one every few days on my back and today on my neck! The last few days the period like pains have turned into a more pulling ache feeling and my br___ts aren't as sore anymore. I hope anyone feeling that they're never going to get pregnant readd this and get some comfort from it - it will happen, we're all different and sometimes it just takes a bit longer.


monique - October 25

i am so glad to hear that you are overjoyed with your pregnancy. congratulations! i am trying to get pregnant, i have only one daughter, i want another one before i am too old. i recently had a DNC, and i am now taking provera, hopefully it will help, so wish me luck!


fanny - October 26

how far along were you when your test showed positive



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