No Period For A Month Negative Hpt

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Jodie - January 28

Seems like a common question, but my period is about 4 weeks late (usually on time) I have taken 2 hpt's and both have come out negative. How soon is tooo soon to go to the doctor for a blood test?


jill - January 28

I am in the same boat that you are I was to start on the 17th and did not took hpt teat on monday Neg then i thought i would take it in the morning when it would be stronger and this morning again NEG I am going to call my doctor as soon as they open this morning and set up an appointment. because If I am pregnant then i want to know and if I am not then something else os going on and i need to know that too. I read that ( very reliable source) that the HPT say they are 99.9% sure , then I looked into which is better, welll i found out that each one has a different reliabilty and response to your pregnancy hormones. and that even though some say can tell 4 or 5 days earlier then the rest. most hpt won't show unitl you are 4 -5 week along because most womens pregnance hormones are not strong enought for the test. so that is why i am going to the doctor and having blood test done. why wait to find out and if that caomes back neg then i will go from there. keep me posted and good luck


kim - January 28

If you are a month late a blood test should be able to confirm pregnancy by now. Although these women on here have had trouble with blood and urine test. I would see a Dr. you don't want to postpone prenatal care.


jodie - January 28

Jill, I will probably go in then too. I guess its better to be safe than sorry. A girl that works for me has two kids and neither of the pregnancies showed up positive until she was about 2 months along. So hopefully all well go well for u and for me.. : )


jill - January 28

Jodi, I am going into the doctor on monday 1/31 @ 430 and i am requesting the blood test i will let you know good luck and keep me posted


jodie - January 28

I am going on wednesday...thats my only day off.. : ) hope all goes well for you


Lisa Flores - January 28

i'm 18 days late and took a hpt and came back neg. but having symptoms like b___st tenderness, fatigue, dizziness.


jodie - January 28

Lisa... I have been super dizzy to, my b___bs really don't hurt to much though. I have really visible veins on them though, and little white bumbs around my nipples. Have you gone to the doc yet?


nicloe - August 4

go right away and your most likely pregnant sometimes you have to wait a while


Marian - August 4

Go to this site - It's another thread here but it's exactly what all of you seem to be looking for: By the way - I'm about 18 weeks, possibly 20, and as of yet I have not had one definitive pregnant result on a test, store bought OR at the dr.'s office. I have everything from the big belly to linea negra and sore large b___sts, went through the typical morning sickness and signature three months of migraines at least once a week, my belly is big as it should be and well, the rest of my story is on that page. Ladies, that site is the longest running discussion with the most eye opening accounts of women who have actually FINISHED a pregnancy with healthy babies, regardless of the fact that they never once registered a positive blood or urine test. Don't be fooled, it's your body - take charge and make sure you get more than one opinion, keep looking until you find a doctor who will test with ultrasound to make sure before administering mads to terminate a pregnancy or "start your period". Best to all!!



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