No Period Pg Test Neg Amp Clear Discharge HELP

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Loved - September 9

I was due for my period 4 days ago and still nothing. I keep running to the bathroom thinking that I am going to start but its just clear discharge. I have been having lower back pain for a little over a week and I feel very bloated at times. I ovulated on the 23 of Aug acorrding to the ovulation calender and on the 25,26 &27 had brown blood only in the morning after wiping. Been a little more tired then usual and sometimes my head hurts. Could I be pregnant? What do you think? Has this ever happen to anyone and then found out they were. I have read on the internet that clear discharge could be a very early sign of pregnancy. I took a test this morning and it was neg everyone tells me its to soon. With my first child it diddnt show until like the 3rd month or so on a preg. test. addvice please.


MARlEyBBy - September 9

It could be a possibility that you are pregnant. The bleeding that occured during the 25-27 could of been IB bleeding. Your symptons sound promising. Wait another week to test again. And if it shows up negative again then wait until next AF is due and test again. Good luck! I think your pregnant! :)


br108 - September 9

doctors can do a blood test to detect pregnacy ,having the same problems x good luck


Loved - September 10

I just spoke to the nurse pract_tioner and she said that she believes I am pregnant to test at the end of the week again. Wish me luck guys! My b___st are a little soar.


MARlEyBBy - September 10

Good luck, hun! :) let me know what happens!


Marcie-Ann - September 11

i'm going throgh the same thing, except I did not have any brown when i would wipe. I took one pregnancy test [dollar store brand] two days before my period was due. and now i'm 4 days late- just haven't gotten to the store yet. my aerolas are very VERY puffy, and veiny. I have headaches and mild cramping that comes and goes... Is it possible that I had a false test??


andesue - September 11

marcie-ann, it is very possible that you got a false neg since you tested before your af was due! also, hcg doubles every couple of days you should get an accurate result now!! TEST, TEST TEST!!! (chanting) :) Good luck!!


Loved - September 11

Well I tested again yesterday afternoon and it was neg. I called the dr. office and they said it is still to early to tell. I am scueduled to see my dr on the 23rd so we will se what happens from now till then. My lower back really bothers me in the morning and I am having lots of clear discharge still.



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