No Period Symptoms Sign Of Pregnancy

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concerned boyfriend - December 3

My girlfriend and i had unprotected s_x about a week and a half before her period is due. I did not c_m, but i do know there is a chance due to pre-c_m. A about a week before her period was due she said that she hasnt had any symptoms of her period coming. ( cramps, sore br___t..etc) a couple days later her br___t have become a little tender, but still no cramps, which she says is unusual. She took a pregnancy test that you can take 4 days before your due for your period, it came out negative, but due to the time we had s_x and the lack of period symptoms we are really concerned. She should be having her period today or in a few days, last month her period was a little late and a little off and on. So my main question is: are lack of period symptoms a early sign of pregnacny?


Becky - December 3

usually ladies have all the symptoms of your period before they actually miss it. but some ladies do not have any symptome and it comes up missing out of the blue. I would recomend that she waits until her period would be due. Is that today ? If she still doesn't get her period then she should take another test with her first morning urine to be sure. May be then again she is just late for her period. She can also go and get a blood test form her doctor and that is more sensitive and detect it sooner. Good Luck


Concerned boyfriend - December 3

she said due to last months irregularity, that she expects her period between december 3 (today) and december 5. She is going to take a test tomorrow morning. Thanks for the quick response.


Becky - December 3

If she still gets anegitive and she still misses her period them she should wait a week take another test if still nothing then she should go for the blood test just in case. some ladies don't produce enough HCG,pregnancy hormone, at first to test with a urine test. Good Luck.


concerned boyfriend - December 6

She got her period today. I almost forgot how good it feels to breathe. Thank you for your help Becky, i appreciate it.


Becky - December 6

Not a problem Congratulations on the relief. Next time you will be prepared right:)


concerned boyfriend - December 6

lesson has been learned ;)



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