No Period Yet Negative Tests

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amy - December 3

I am so confused and i'm getting worried! My last period was the 27th of october, and my cycles have been running 23 days, so my period should have come Nov. 19, no period yet and i"ve taken about 10 different pg tests (different makes) and they are all negative! I've never missed a period, and my husband and i have been trying to concieve. I'm nausous, very tired and my brests are so sore. Has anyone else had this happen? has anyone been pregnant and had it not show up on pg tests for a long time? I'm really getting worried something is wrong, thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated.


Mary - December 4

Amy- I don't really have any answers for you, but I totally understand!! It's been 8 &1/2 weeks since my last normal AF, so I'm really late too. I keep having lots of preg. sympt. & I keep getting more sympt., but neg. hpts. so you're not alone by any means. I'd also like to know if anyone else has had this problem and turned out pregnant anyway.


Kate - December 4

Amy, I'm in the same boat as you. I had my last period on 23rd October and was due my period around 19th November but still no sign. I have had loads of symptoms including sore b___sts and feeling tired and slightly nausous in the evening but all HPT have come up negative (I've tried about 10 various different brands). Just had a litle bit spotting today though and it's now stopped so I'm a bit confused?


zuly - December 4

Go to the D.R. for blood test. And yes you can be pg and the test not pick it up.


amy - December 5

thanks everyone for your support. I went to one clinic and they did the usual urine test, negative! I've called other places and they all say they only do that test. I don't have a regular doc, how can I convince any of them ( the womens' centers) to do a blood test? Good luck to everyone who is in the same boat!


zuly - December 5

Go to the Hospital and make something up like you have been feeling very sick and you need to see a Dr.


Grandpa Viv - December 5

These situations are always the most difficult. Once in a while someone will post saying they didn't get a positive until week 8, but they sure as heck were pregnant. There must surely be others who have all these symptoms, but it turns out to be another reason (can a cyst do this?). Last time I ran to the hospital for something trivial, it cost me $600, so that isn't the answer for everyone. The only suggestion I can come up with is to wait until you have missed a second period by a couple of weeks, then find a clinic with a midwife or nurse pract_tioner who can feel if something is going on. That takes a lot of patience.


c - December 6

I'm basically looking for the same answer...I am 1 week late for my period. My last period was Oct23/04 (but it was not normal) My period usually lasts 5-6 days (first 2 days are heavy and the rest is light to spotting) and my cycles are either 34 or 37 days. My LMP was heavy the first day then spotting for 4 days. I have been feeling mild AF like cramps and lower back pain since ovulation. I am now approx. 21 dpo and still have the same back pain and mild AF like cramps. Also been having wet discharge. I took 2 HPT (both negative) 1 at 10 dpo and the other at 16 dpo.. any opionions?


zuly - December 6

C why don't you take a test to find out.


c - December 6

zuly: i guess i should take another test, but i guess i just don't want to be disappointed if it's negative again. in your opionion, do you think it was too early for me to test the first 2 times I tested?


amy - December 6

yesterday i took one of those plus/minus tests, the horizontal line was very clear, but i also think i saw a very , very faint, very thin piece of the vertical line, so hope hope hope. I'm thinking positive and thinking o.k. my levels are stating to get high enough to show up, a few more days and maybe it will be positivly positive?! anyway I'm going to go to the clinic tomorrowto get checked out, maybe i'll have some answers. wish me luck! and thank you to everyone for the heartening advice, and good luck to you all!


Keely - December 6

I had a faint positive line too....I hope I did. I'm pretty late (5 weeks last mp) and had lots of symptoms. I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow. Does anyone know if a tight abdomen and pain in the pelvis are fairly sure signs (along w/ the rest of the common signs)


alicia - December 6

amy- im right there with you. the day of my last period was oct 4th. Last wednesday i took a clear blue easy plus minus test andi got the normal negative horizontal line and then the realllllllly thin pencil thin like vertical line. Well i went to the doctors on Friday and they took another urine test and it was negative. It might have just been a glich in the test but it wasnt an evaporation line becuase it came up right away and was blue not grey. But, I too, still have plenty of symptoms for being pregnant. My doctor told me it was normal to be a month late...? and that if i was like 6 months late then to come back to her but to take another test at the end of this month even though she told me i wasnt pregnant..and she tried putting me on birth control. lol. Take another test. if you still feel pregnant and the test was negative go get a blood test. im giving my period another week just in case it is final stress( wouldnt explian the nausia, bloatedness, etc...) and then going to try and get one done. Good luck!


zuly - December 6

A faint positive line means you are pregnant.


zuly - December 6

Keely yes that would be some of the symptoms also not every one feels the same thing but what you feel I felt also.


Keely - December 6

Zuly- I have had other symptoms. Where do I begin? My nipples are really sore and seem bigger, some nausea, I'm peeing a lot, I feel hot, bionic sense of smell, etc... What do you think?


amy - December 7

i went to a womens clinic today and the nurse took a urine test, it came up negative, and when i asked for a blood test she got kind of snotty and said" i could send you out for one but our clinic doesn't cover it and i have never had a urine test come back negative and then a blood test positive." she didn't really give me any answers, or any peace of mind. she asked the usual questions about late periods(are you stressed/on birth control/ exercising a lot etc... ) which i had already answered. It was very disheartening, but I've heard from women who prove her otherwise, so i'm keeping hope. given my typical cycle, my period is due again on the 12th, so if that one skips too, i'll try to get help again. in the meantime i'm taking a hiatus on prg.tests, they're making me crazy! good luck to all!



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