No Postive Pregnancy Tests Grandpa Viv Or Anyone

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Cathy - June 4

Why do some pregnant women don't get postive blood or home pregnancy tests? I just found out I'm pregnant at 16 weeks with a ultrasound today at the ER. How is this possible? Thanks for reading my question.


Cathy - June 4

I forgot to mention. i just had a complete exam by my doctor. He did a pelvic exam too. How could he miss a pregnancy? He made me feel like I'm crazy. He said not pregnant. just last week.


Kathy - June 4

You might want to get a new doctor that is a little scary that he missed that!


shaz - June 4

how did u know?did u feel pregnant?


Cathy - June 4

Yes, i did. I feel very pregnant. I knew from about month 2. I told my doctor and he did a blood test. It was negative. He said Not pregnant. He wouldn't listen to me. I went to the ER for stomach pains. The doctor did a ultrasound and there was the baby. I was in shock. I didn't think I was pregnant anymore. My periods never ended. It is the same flow and color. I was hoping someone can explain this to me.


Kimmie - June 4

My sister had her period for six months..did not even know she was pg until she too went to the er after fainting at a party....some women do its rare but it happens:) Hope that helps.


Grandpa Viv - June 4

Congratulations, and thanks for the feedback. Docs do the weirdest things. One woman I talked to was sent to a gastro specialist to help with her vomiting. Another was told to stop drinking on account of her veins (teetotaller). There is enormous variation in hCG levels from one pregnancy to another. Most books deny that what you describe is possible, and docs just say the tests were not correctly administered. We have seen enough posts similar to yours to know that there is some kind of gap in the medical knowledge base here. Your post differs from most of the others in that periods during pregnancy are described as noticeably lighter and shorter than normal.


Cathy - June 4

Thanks Kimmie! now i have to get use to being pregnant. Good luck everyone


Cathy - June 4

Thank you grandpa Viv. The doctors went as far to say it was in my head. I knew i was feeling movement not gas. The movement came after I ate something and was constant. My period came every 28 days and 5 days long instead of 7. That was the only change. I am not overweight. I am 32 years old and pregnant went my first. So, I am guessing the doctors was calling this a phantom pregnancy. Thanks for responding.


me - June 4

cathy.. many congrats to u.. can u tell me ur signs as i have been having funny afs since feb.. im usually 6 day heavy but since feb i have been having af for only 2-3 days.. but bit lighter.. neg preg tests. doc thinks im crazy.. at the moment im having bubbles pop in me belly.. well thats wat it feels like.. i have gained weight n im not a big eater.. i have gone from about 125lbs - 135lbs approx... ne info would be most helpful... once again many congrats to u n all the best xxxxxxxx


Lynn - June 4

Congrats Cathy- I wish I could get a straight answer about me. My dr won't do an u/s and I don't think I could afford one without insurance. Does anyone know how much a u/s costs without insurance?


Cathy - June 4

Nausea, headaches, more veins, cramps, can't stand the smell of some foods, swelling of my feet, clothes didn't fit, hard time brushing my teeth, pee alot, can't hold any liquids, felt like I had the flu for months,backache, b___st & nipples sore, bras don't hit, light headed, got mad easy. i hope this help. follow your heart


Cathy - June 4

Lynn, I don't know. When i get my ER bill. I will let you know. I know its going to cost a lot. It was worth it. If I didn't go, I would be thinking I was having a phantom pregnancy. The doctor said my pregnancy was mental. GL



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