No Sex But Still Pregnant

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Meg - August 12

i need help...i didn't have s_x this whole summer even though i'm with my boyfriend all the time..we do oral things a lot. it's now august and i haven't gotten my period yet..i shoulda gotten it sooner...i looked on the internet and it says you can get pregnant w/o having s_x....i'm really scared ad i'm still a teen...please help


Helen - August 12

You cannot get pregnant from oral s_x. Can I ask you something...... has your boyfriend released himself onto your body? If he has and the c_m was close to your v____a, it is possible to get pregnant that way. I would do a test to find out for sure. Other factors can cause periods to disappear...... have you been stressed? Have you been on other medication?


mc - August 12

you can get pregnant from oral s_x only if he comes in close contact with your v____a but if you think it hasn't...your cycle could just be out of wack becuase you are still a teen and like Helen said stress and new meds., but def. take a test to find out for sure and it will ease your mind soo much. also it will be very accurate as you haven't had a period for a few months. i think that you are in the clear because he has never came all the way inside you but test to be sure!


Caz - August 12

mc you CANNOT get pregnant through oral s_x. Please don't post if you don't know what you are talking about. Don't be so nasty - worrying people into thinking they are not being safe is a horrible thing to do. If you've known a girl get pregnant from giving a guy a b__w job, I'd really like to hear about it........................................................................ no? Oh, I thought so!


??? - August 12

Please read carefully before you flame Caz. MC goes on to say how, although it's a little round about.


jan - August 12

ok was just saying that you can only get pregnant POSSIBLY if his p___s comes close to her v____a and he has c_m near her v____a. she didn't say that if you give a b__w job you can get pregnant. and for meg..your period could just be going crazy for some reason. take a test and just show to yourself that you are most likely not pregnant.


rain - August 12

??? grow up please



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