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Krys - June 5

I just found out I was pregnant. I feel nervous because I don't get morning sickness, I don't really feel any thing. The only symptoms I have is I feel tired and I urinate a lot. Is this normal? Also, before I knew I was pregnant I went out and had 3 alcoholic drinks. Will my baby be ok? I am so nervous.


Em - May 26

Hi Krys. I don't know about the other symptoms, but if it is any help, my sister found out she was pregnant when she was 2 months because she had a normal period during her first month. She was a smoker and a social drinker up to the time she found out. Her baby was very healthy.


Shelly - May 26

Count your lucky stars! You don' have to suffer when pregnant, it's just that most do. Being tired and knowing where bathrooms are everywhere are normal. As long as you don't drink anymore, and eat a healthy diet including a daily vitamin, your baby should be just fine. I had a few gla__ses of wine just before I knew I was pregnant with my first. I just didn't do it anymore and followed a healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy. I had a perfectly healthy baby boy. Don't feel nervous, everything will be fine. Of course you need to see a doctor and start prenatal care. Enjoy!


chelsea - June 3

I have no symptoms and did not have intercourse during my ovulation period. COuld I be pregnant?


kim - June 3

i didn't experience morning/all day sickness until my 3rd month and it went on till my late 6th month. trust me you're not missing anything because once it starts it's like an all/every day thing. i wondered how it was possible my baby was getting nurishment, i couldn't even hold down water. i ended up losng 15lbs (which made me look great, hahaha) but i was scared for my baby. she turned out fine, a healthy 6.7lbs. she's 4 now and is still striving. now i'm waiting on news for #2, if i am i hope its different this go round, being sick all the time is no fun.


ME - June 3

every pregnancy is different. for instance my grandmother had her cycle throughout majority of her pregnancy and didn't know she was pregnant because she had NO SYMPTOMS till it was alomst time to have the baby. all her other pregnancies were normal. nausea isn't something i would miss, be happy :)


celeste - June 5

Congrats on your pregnancy! Everyone don't have the same symptoms and most times you don't even grt any of them. You should be very happy that you don't get morning sickness, because it ain't no joke. I was hugging the toilet for months because of that sickness. Have you discussed tha alcohol issue with your doc? If you have not, I really advise that you should. Keep me posted on your progress. PS. Please stay away from the bottle!



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