No Symptoms But Period Is Late

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Lynn - August 19

I hven't had any pregnancy symptoms except for that I'm 6 days late. I took one clear clue pregnancy test and it came up negative. Is there still a possibilty? Are pregnancy symptoms always apparent in the first few weeks?


mel - August 16

I am kind of the same as you. I have been having no symptoms so far but my period is 7 days late. I took a Clear Blue test also, but at 4 days late. All women are different though. You may not have produced enough of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) yet so I would wait a few more days and try again! As for the no symptoms thing, again, every woman is different, some woman dont get any symptoms until they are 8 weeks pregnant! I hope this helps! I hope I am pregnant, and good luck with yours!


Lynn - August 16

Thanks Mel. Good Luck to you as well.


Shannon - August 16

Well I'm kinda in the same boat, I am 4 days late on myperiod, but this will be my fourth child if I am preg. I have tons of the symptons, nausea, very sore b___sts, dizziness, fatigue, irritability. But when I took the test yesterday it was negative. I;m going to test again in 2 days but what if it's negative again? I don't understand why I'm feeling all this but haven't had a positive yet. I don't want to tell my husband yet just in case I'm not. And I don't want to go to the dr. just yet. I just want to know if it's normal to have all these symptons but not have a positive test yet.


mel - August 16

Yes Shannon, it is possible. Your hCG levels may not be high enough to detect yet. After your period is a week late, that is when most home tests will be able to tell that you are pregnant. Good luck!


Tammy - August 17

When I was pregnant with my 7 month old son I took 7 pregnantcie test and they all came back neg. I went to the doctor and I was already 3 months pregnant.


Anna - August 19

Hi Girls I think those tests are useless.....I last had my period on the 29th of June and I have had 3 neg tests one urine lab test with the doc and 2 home tests. Im getting a lot of cramping sore nipples and irritable with my husband. If I am preg it will be our first but I dont want to get to excited just in case. Good luck to you all...


Gema - August 19

Help Please!!!!! I've missed my period for 3month now but i've been on my birth controll pill. My husband and i do have unprotected s_x and now are worried that we might be pregnant .. But i took a take home pregnancy test and got postive and went to a clinic to get another test done and was told they couldnt cause i had been on birth control pill........ PLease help dont understand why so was my first test wrong help very confused



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