No Symptoms Except Bloating Till The 7th Week Normal

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yahman - September 20

Hi, I hope someone can answer me. Since i found out on 4th sept that i was in 4th week i have no symptoms other than bloating. Although i did had a sharp pain in my left lower abdomen for 3 days ( 7-10 sept) but now i have an occasional pain and heaviness in my lower abdomen. Is it normal? i have my 1st ultrasound on monday 24th. Ladies please guide.


ttc#1 - September 20

I don't know as I just got my BFP this past weekend and my doc appointment isn't until 10/5. But I am about 4 weeks + 4 days and all I seem to have is the gas and bloating. In fact I've taken about 5 hpt just to make sure I'm still getting BFP's. The heaviness and occasional pain sounds good. Did your doc take you hcg levels? Let me know what you find out!


sarah21 - September 20

Some people get lucky that way. I didn't have a single symptom except sore nipples until 6 weeks when I couldn't quit throwing up. You'll start feeling pregnant in not too long. I am 13.5 weeks and I definitely feel pregnant now.


yahman - September 20

thanx Sarah. It feels good that till now things are normal. ttc#1 i am in jamaica so here the doc did not do my blood test. me and dh insisted but she said no need to and wait till the U/S. I am getting a bit panicky as my dh is so excited that he has told all his office people. i will definitely post my results. Happy pregnancy to you all.


quilabean - September 27

hey yahman, i am going to be 7 weeks on sunday, and up to this afternoon i had no strong symptoms then bam i almost puked in someones face, had strong cravings and can't stand smells of certain things. i have a baby count down book and it said that the stronger symptoms won't usually kick in until weeks 6-8 so u sound normal to me. also ask your mother being that symptoms tend to be the same in families. the cramping is also normal in the 1st trimeter. it's mostlikly your body moving and strecthing aroundto make room for your baby.



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