No Symptoms Of Anything Period 2 Weeks Late

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etaylor - January 31

Hi, my period is 6 weeks late. I usually have 28-30 day cycles. I just recently got married on Jan. 20. I took a pregnancy test a few days ago, and it was negative. Some things have happened that probably caused it to be late plus the excitement of the wedding probably didn't help either. But I am worried because normally I cramp a week before my period comes, and I am not cramping or having any symptoms at all. Last Saturday, I cramped the whole time my husband and I were out shopping, which made me think my period was going to come soon. But I haven't cramped since then. Is it normal for a period to be two weeks or more late? Plus the fact I don't have any symptoms to show me that it's coming and no symptoms showing me that I could be pregnant.


etaylor - January 31

Opps, sorry I meant to say on that first line that I haven't had a period in 6 weeks. My period is two weeks late not 6 weeks late. Sorry for the confusion.


etaylor - January 31

Bump, someone please talk to me.


Whisper - January 31

Getting married is such an exciting and stressful time! When I got married, I didn't have a period at all that month. The next month it came right on time as if nothing had happened though. If you are concerned about it, schedule an appointment. But in the meantime just try to relax, and enjoy being newlyweds! If your tests have been negative you probably aren't pregnant, but take another in a week if you want too if no AF yet. Chances are, your cycle will return on the next go-round. Congrats on the wedding!


krissy2006 - February 1

To add to what whisper said the reason you are probably not getting your period is because the stressful time in your life delayed or stopped your ovulation. If you have an annovulatory cycle ( a cycle where no egg is released, thus no ovulation at all) you will not get your period until the next cycle when you do ovulate. If your ovulation was just late and you know what your normal luteal phase is then you should be able to count back, once you get your period to find out when you ovulated. But as whisper stated, it is probably from stress and every woman as one or two annovulatory cycles in her life. No need to worry. If you are two week late than you should be ovulating again soon and should be getting your next expected period within another couple of weeks. If she doesn't come within another couple of weeks and you are still getting negative tests I would go see your obgyn.


etaylor - February 1

Thanks for the responses. It kind of worried me not having anything happen because (I guess you could say that) it feels like I am not working or something. Even if I find out that I am pregnant, it would still let me know that everything is okay in that area. My husband has hinted to me that he wants a baby (and even seems a little hopeful), and I definitely would not mind getting pregnant. But surely if I was pregnant, I would be able to tell by now. Again, thanks for making me feel better.



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