No Usual Symptoms And Worried

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older1stmom - October 29

I'm at 8 wks, but don't have br___t tenderness or sickness. I am so worried that something is wrong. Does this mean something bad - that I don't have those usual symptoms??


EMMA2 - October 29

I would def. go visit your dr. Your symptoms will eventually die down but for m ost women its usually at 12 weeks.Call or go to the clinic


MelissaP - October 29

Not having any symptoms does not mean something is wrong. You could very well be blessed with an easy going pregnancy. I can understand how not feeling pregnant would make you worry. If you are truly upset, you should make an appointment with your doc to ease your mind. I am sure everything is perfectly fine! =)


kamivy - October 30

Melissa is right, not having any symptoms doesn't mean somethings wrong, you lucky thing!! Quite a few women don't get morning sickness and other symptoms. Congratulations! See your doctor so you can celebrate without worry in the back of your mind. :)


EMMA2 - October 30

I don't undersatand how you people have the nerve to speak like you know exactly what is going on with her. When you are pregnant the very 1st apointments the dr. will always ask if you still have all your symptoms. I think you should go to ur dr. asap to ensure everything is ok. the last time i stopped having symtpoms i had a miscarriage...


MAC_33 - October 31

Emma, chill one claims to be an expert. This forum is for women to talk to other women about their experiences and opinions. BTW, when I was pregnant with my son I experienced sore bbs for a few days in week 7 and NEVER experienced any nausea during the entire pregnancy.


EMMA2 - October 31

no i wont chill out.....i cant stand when people act like they know exactly whats going on and tell them n ot to worry...she should be worried and she needs to call her dr and get checked out...


EMMA2 - October 31

and what u experienced is not relevent at all here....she had symptoms and then the next day she didnt so abruptly they seized thats something everyone should be concerned with not syaing she will or is miscarrying but dont come here and act all "dont worry things will be fine" u dont know and no one knows but her dr...


MAC_33 - October 31

read the post again...she never said that her symptoms had abruptly changed...She says that she is 8 weeks and not experiencing the "typical" pregnancy symptoms that other women have such as b___st tenderness and sickness. Again, everyone knows that these are opinions and I don't think that anyone comes on to these forums to discuss issues in place of actually seeing a doctor. In some regions, it is difficult to get an appt immediately so this is just a nice place to discuss your feelings prior to your visit.


EMMA2 - October 31

yeah, regardless i dont think anyone should be dismissing anything and saying "oh ur fine" thats totally irresponsible and scary...some people actually take the advice of people here and run with it....the only advice people should be giving to pregnant women is to consult their drs.....not compare notes ..what happens to you doesnt mean a thing.


julepowers - October 31

Emma, leave MAC alone. She's just trying to be helpful and alleviate some concerns that she has. That's what this forum is for, to GIVE ADVICE to other woman and support other woman. Obviously you are an angry person and you don't belong here. Bugger off!!! No one thinks we are doctors, just woman who are speaking from experience. This is supposed to be a happy place, not an angry mean one!


julepowers - October 31

Not to mention that the girls all said to SEE A their posts along with helpful advice. Ughhhh...I can't stand people like you! So negetive


older1stmom - October 31

Here's a follow-up to my question: had an ultrasound yesterday and a strong heartbeat was seen!! The Dr seemed very pleased w/ this, and he didn't seem as concerned that I didn't have any b___st tenderness. Apparently seeing that heartbeat was the most important thing, but of course i'm still worried. The dr, however, said the strong heartbeat dropped my % of miscarriage from 20% to 6%! I feel much better.


julepowers - October 31

GREAT NEWS!!!! Congratuations. You must be SO relieved. What wonerful news. Good luck!!! Lots of baby dust!!


jezebel1018 - October 31

my gf had the best pregnancy ever...if it werent for the ultra sounds (& the resulting birth) you would never even know she was pregnant....i hope to be that lucky some day! maybe you are one of those lucky ones too!! congrats!!!!! & im guessing emmas recent mc is the reason for her exaggerated reaction to friendly 'im sure its fine but go to the dr anyway' advise.


MelissaP - October 31

Emma2- I never said she was perfectly fine. And I do not think I told her anything that was irresponsible. I also said she should go visit her doctor to calm her fears. But I am not going to strike fear in her or overreact and tell her it's not normal, because for some women, no symptoms are normal.



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