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Jenb - May 3

A couple of weeks ago I ran to the bathroom while my 19 month sat on the couch watcing Sesame Street. I was gone for maybe 3 minutes. When I came back he was sitting on the couch talking into the phone. I took it from him and heard someone saying h__lo on the other end. I said "Im sorry my baby dialed the phone." The guy laughed and hung up. We live in Massachusetts. Yesterday my husband opened the phone bill and asked, "who the heck made a two minute phone call to Indiana?" It looks like we will have to get a better long distance plan. :0)


HAHAHA! - May 3

That is hysterical! Thank you - I needed that! LOL! My nephew calls me all the time because I am speedial 2 on their phone. He is 2. His mom will walk back in the room and find him talking away! Very funny!


Me2 - May 3

Shucks my son was watching tv and I had gone to the potty and when I came down he had the phone in his hand I ask what he was doing "talking" I got the phone and found out it was 911. Glad I didn't take longer then I did ...Could really see the cops barging in when I am on the toilet...I asked him later why he called them and he said he was bored and wanted to talk to some one he was 3 yrs old...He just mentioned it to me again the other day and I chuckled.


Jenb - May 3

I will have to remember not to put 911 on speed dial then. :0D


Jacqi - May 3

I have a friend who was watching a neighbor's child and had put him down for a nap on her bed. It was August, 90 degrees and she was about 7 months pregnant and so she layed down on the couch to try to rest. What she didn't know was the little 4 year old in the bedroom had dialed 911 from the phone next to her bed. The next thing she new the police were coming through her screen door asking if she is O.K. All they saw was a woman in distress (of course she looked distressed, she was 7 months pregnant and it was 90 degrees outside.)


Leslie - May 4

Don't feel bad.. my 9 year old step son was double dog dared to call 911 from his school/daycare.. as soon as they answered he hung up. Needless to say as soon as the PD saw that the call came from a school they sent out like 10 cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks.. Although I was HORRIFIED to learn this when I picke him up, it was actually a really good lesson for him and when using 911 is appropriate. The police were really cool about it. We made him right a letter of apology to the PD to say he was sorry for wasting thier time.. After it was all through I found it pretty amusing!


stacey - May 4

thanks for the cute stories :) I also went through the stage of calling the operator, unfortunately I was a few years olds at the time :(


Jenn - May 5

My son was playing with the phone and we told him to stop. We live in Ohio. We said if he wasn't careful, he might call Hawaii. He said "What's their number?



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