Not A Question More Of A Request Im Tired Of Bogus Posts

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Kimberly - May 5

When I first came to this board, which was a few weeks ago, all the posts were honest and informative. I rarely saw a question that I hadn't either had myself or knew someone who did. But, OMG....lately, I have read some of the most ridiculous obviously flat out bull sh** questions I have ever seen. Forget the fact that any jr high school student who ever attended health class would know the answer to......some of them are just plain insulting. For all of us who are here for advice and moral support to read posts with 50,000 words long with words I cant even decipher is just plain irritating. Geez....for those of you who think this is a place to come and ACT(and you know who you are because you rarely even use a name) like you want help to problems that I highly expect you dont even have because your posts MAKE NO SENSE.....isn't it past your bed time or shouldn't you be in school? The women here would bend over backwards to help but, we are NOT here to babysit. I really hope everyone who is here for the right reasons doesn't think I shouldnt have posted this. I do know that everyone has the right to be here but, come on.....there are other places to go to play games.


Kimberly - May 6

No, I was not referring to your post. I lost a baby 8 years ago and can totally understand your concern. I am referring to the shouting (all caps) posts that make me dizzy to read and the questions asking if my boyfriend "c_mmed" inside me can I be pregnant. I just cant believe those posts are for real. The women here try to help. There are other sites where little girls can go to play. Again, I was not referring to you and I wish you luck!!


everyone can post! - May 6

Everyone has a right to post questions. If you don't like the post Don't read them. Move on. This is very mean! We are here to help people. Not to put people down. Think about it.


Kimberly - May 6

I did think about it and if you read my post, I acknowledge that everyone has a right to post. Did you miss the part where I agree with your statement "we are here to help people"? This is NOT is my opinion and I am ent_tled to it. Have you read the posts I am referring to? I am not the only one who thinks they aren't for real. You must have also skipped over my apology if I am wrong. I read almost every post and reply whenever I think I can help.


ok - May 6

Just making sure. I understand now


Kimberly - May 6

Worried, You did not offend me in any way and I know how frustrating it is to post a question and not get responses. Yet, if you notice "those" posts that I was referring to almost always get answered....which is fine..people trying to help..which is why we are here. As you can see, someone has already taken offense to my post. Oh well, like I said everyone has the right to post.


worried - May 6

i agree, i have seen many times, a post has gone unanswered when it appears to be legite ( sp? ) and then when someone has something to say like you did, or someone is posting a question like i had unprotected i pregnant, gets tons of responses, and it does get aggravating, but i guess that it is a way to kind of break up our time, and get our thoughts away from ttc as well, but who knows. have a great day, and good luck to you!


Rainbow - May 6

I thought the 'flat tummy, 10 negative tests am I preggo one' was totally unbelievable. Also there was one from a 12 year old who seemed to vary in her writing style, sometimes ditzy sometimes smart. Made me wonder.. The really long ones can be pretty confusing, but in a way I tend to believe them more, because they are going to a lot of effort to tell their story. The short one I mentioned at the beginning, that just sounded like someone was bored and wanted to mess around. Whipping out an improbable one-liner, ha ha very funny.


Misty - May 6

I agree with you Kimberly. The only people who will be getting upset or taking offense at what you wrote are those that either aren't really reading what you put or are the ones you are talking about. It is unfair for people to come on to a sight where women seak understanding and help to play games. And a lot of them do. They sit at home with nothing to do and then when they find this sight they get a kick out of putting something on here to get responses out of people. A lot of times they are trying to get peoples emotions involved and they sit there and laugh about it trying to think of what to put next. It is hard to spot them most of the time though. I'm afraid to not answer things in case they are serious, but it is incredibly unfair and mean for those that do it as a joke and I truly wish they would play their games elsewhere.


emily - May 6

I must admit that i´d thought the exact same thing. Everytime I see the word c_mmed in a post, it just makes me think that these are p___n ads or something. ´am i pregnant, my bf c_mmed in me during my fertile time` so annoying!!!!



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