Not Getting Anywhere With 1st Response

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B'Lana - February 4

Hi ladies. I got two negatives w/ 1st response and will use up my last one tomorrow... now 8 days late. Anyone wants to suggest a different brand to try? Still have all my symptoms.... Tested at 1 week before af due, at af due (didn't come) and will try tomorrow- 9 days!


MULGAJILL - February 4

i am in australia and have used fortel (made in usa so it should be available to you a__suming you are in u.s.), this one gave me a positive where others didn't (and was pregnant but mc at 11weeks), took til i was a week overdue to show faint pink positive line.


B'Lana - February 4

I am in Us, thank you very much! I will try to find it!


me - February 4

also i would suggest new choice at the dollar store. its pretty sensitive....


B'Lana - February 5

tested the 3rd time.... still negative, no af what so ever....9 days.....


angie - February 5

im now 5 days late and have taken two first responses and both are negative so i offer little help but i share your frustration


B'Lana - February 5

Af came for me about 5 pm… not strong as usual, but enough to make me think it’s af and not spotting… Since we weren’t ttc, I wasn’t sure at first if it’s a good idea to have children at this time, but now that af is here I am so disappointed… I didn’t think I am going to be so upset…I wish you better luck than I had! Best to all and thank for all the support!


johanna - February 5

hi b'lana-- when you are ready and want to have kids, things will work out for you. sorry about AF. :( we are actively trying and it has been 4 months of ttc... so i share your disappointment! good luck!


B'Lana - February 5

Johanna, Thank you for your kind words :) I hope this month is going to bring you everything that you wish for :)) Best of luck to you!


MULGAJILL - February 5

good luck next time, i think the hope that we 'may be' is stronger than we realise, your being upset is understandable..... good luck next time... :-)


M - February 9

Could someone please tell me what "AF" is?!?! I've been trying to figure it out and can't.


donna - February 9

i tested 3 times with 1st response and all negative....not sure how late i am...but i know im pretty late...anyway try another brand...i used equate..the walmart brand with my daughter and came out positive right good luck


ritz - February 9

dear m af is ur period known as aunt flow code word for period dear.. good luck to u & b'lana & all of u who r ttc...



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