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katie - February 22

I was wanting to get some opinons on what you think about women who are pregnant and smoke pot? I stopped smoking pot after being 6 weeks into my pregnancy but i was wondering what other people thought about it. i have heard things about like ADD coming out of it down the road and things like that. What do you think?? Any Inputs are welcome! Thankyou


MandyD - February 22

Katie - Any drug that enters your body while you are pregnant can harm your baby, in many different ways. I would advise not using any type of drug, whether it be tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, anything while being pregnant. Even after the baby is born, secondhand smoke is sometimes more harmful than smoking yourself. I'm glad you stopped when you found out you were pregnant. That is a very kind and considerate decision to make in regards to the child you're carrying. Kudos to you for not being selfish!!!


naomi - February 22

I agree with Mandy.I have just read that if you stop as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, there has been no present evidence that past smoking will harm your baby. The book says that continuing to use marijuana is another story it can interfere with the babys nutrition, can cause dangerously rapid labour and dammage genes and cause birth defects and drug withdraw problems. And result in under weight baby. Your baby should be fine, you have done the best by you baby.


Becky - February 22 I hope this link works :) It is a list of different drugs and how they can effect your baby.


Becky - February 22

Take out the dashes at the end. Should be 2005, not 200-5- Good luck :)


Becky - February 22

and the dash here: "detaillb-.cfm?" should be "detaillb.cfm?" first time posting a link :-p


SugarPie - February 22

I agree, guys. Weed isn't what weed used to be. Honestly, you just don't want the complications that it can bring. And I've seen serious effects in the birth weight department. That said, weed doesn't stay in one's system for very long so I can hardly believe that there's any sort of "damage" that has taken place. Also, the placenta is incredibly strong and acts like a filter, so keep that in mind. Much care!!******



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