Not So Sure Anymore

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upset - April 21

I thought I was pregnant. Had implantation bleeding and a super duper late period. Have veins all over br___ts still. Now I am 4 days from late date that I started last month and I am cramping. Just ate like 6 pickles and am so irritated. I think I am getting ready to start. I am so depressed. Tests are negative. Why did I have all the symptoms?


jena - April 21

are you 4 days late or it's 4 days until your period is due? if it's the latter, then the tests are probably negative because your hormone levels aren't high enough yet. so could it be that you haven't started yet?


upset - April 21

I haven't started since my one-two day pink/red bleeding last month on the 25th which was 8 days late. I also had brown spotting a week before that. But I feel all kinds of periodness coming. Headache, salt cravings, irritableness. The only thing I can't explain was my last period and my b___bs. Even if my period isn't due yet if going by the late date it has been at least 4 weeks and tests are still negative. I think all hope is lost. Thank you jena.


Jenice - April 21

upset...i just wanted you to know that i understand exactly what you're going through. (except i'm currently 10 weeks late for my period...) all negative tests, and depression starting to set in. have you gone to a doctor yet?? i'm going tomorrow afternoon. hopefully i'll get some answers... if there's anything that might be causing these symptoms (that obviously isn't pregnancy) i'll try to let you know what i find out...but i'll send some baby dust* your way anyways...!!


MLT - April 22

I don't want to discourage anyone, but sometimes your mind can accually make your body do strange things. Before I was ttc I had very regular periods, like clockwork. A couple of months of ttc(hardcore) my periods were all messed up and then I even skipped a few months. At this point I was so frustrated, it's like I couldn't think about anything else. I was buying pg tests every other day, it was crazy. Finally I realized that I had to stop this or I was going to go crazy and bankrupt. I decided to take a month off and just relax, pamper myself and not even think about ovulation days or anything like that. Well my period came back that month. And now just a month after my period came back I found out that I am pg. Ladies please try and relax and it will probably happen. I know it's easier said than done, but it works. Good luck, relax and baby dust to you all!!!!



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