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ksmom - May 28

Hey Ladies, a question here.....I had a natural m/c on April 20th, and well me n dh have been bding first week of may and every other day pretty much since then.....but I am not sure if i am pregnant or if it is too early to test? The doctor told me that AF could come between 16-31 of may....well it is now the 28th i tested with a hpt and it was negative last teusday.....when should i test again?? I have some symtoms like sore bbs, head aches off n on, fatigue, cramps, normal stuff i get when im pg, but the test was negative......I am not sure what to think, im not stressing over it tho cuz well i dont need that, and well me n dh are still bding every second day just cuz........if any one has any answers to when i should test or if i am preg or anything, please please let me know....thanks....sorry for writting a story book


Grandpa Viv - May 28

If you are not able to get a positive home pregnancy test (hpt) with first morning urine (fmu) within 2 weeks of early preg signs showing up, then the chances of pregnancy start going down in a hurry. Good luck!


ksmom - May 28

im glad you reponded cuz i wanted you to hahha. anywho, ive done preg tests at home before and they were always negative, could i be doing them wrong?


ksmom - May 28

oops i mean when i was last prg, they were neg but i truely was positive...shold i get a docs point of view?


Emma2 - May 29

Yes get your dr. to give you some answers with a blood test and hysical examination. Good Luck.


ksmom - May 31

Well they confirm NOTHING!! I went for everything adn nothing came up, it was negative and they dont know whats wrong with me ONCE AGAIN!! The last time this happened was when i had the miscarriage and didnt know i was even pregnant!! I guess i should be care ful on wat i do and everything, treat it like i am pregnant, cuz knowin my luck i am preg and they just cant figure it out YET AGAIN!! GRRR I HATE THIS!!! :( I dont want to m/c



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