Not Sure If I Missed It

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forevermissed - November 24

We have been ttc since Sept. I have had two m/c in the past year. So, my cycles are a little longer than they had been. The past three months I had 34 day cycles. So, I was going to start testing until day 15. But, on day 12 I noticed a lot of cm in the evening. I woke up on day 13 with alot of ewcm coming out and I took the clear blue easy digital and it was neg. I have been testing every morning since and it is neg. I haven't noticed a lot of cm lately. My hubby and I have been BD just in case. Should I keep using the opk until I get a pos.? Thanks for your help


kelly607 - November 25

Hi, I thought I would reply as I was having the exact same thing last week and I posted a similar question as I was s desperate not to miss my days and it can become very tiring bd'ing every day just incase!!!! well here is what happened to me I also had lots of clear cm stretchy but quite thick, I thought this was ewcm therefore we bd and I thought I O'd however I wasn't convinced so went out and bought some opks and it was neg. Anyway I forgot about it as I thought I must have missed it for this month. A couple of days later i noticed some more clear cm this time it was alot thinner and very stretchy, went out shopping for the day walking back to the carpark I thought I had wet myself (I know a bit gross) it felt like when you have af!!! Went home we bd that night and I thought I wonder if that was ewcm so I used 1 of the opk's and it was positive, did another 1 the next day and it was positive along with an ache around my right ovary. I came off the pill a year ago and since then my cycles have been alot longer than the 31 days that they were pre pill, so I find it impossible to tell. I would say that if you aren't sure and the opk's are neg keep an eye out as you probably haven't yet. GL and hopefully see you in the 2ww :o)


Grandpa Viv - November 25

If you are having problems pinpointing ovulation, then temperature charting with is the way to go. An opk tells you that your body is getting primed for ovulation, which may or may not actually happen. Good luck!


forevermissed - November 25

Thanks! I am on day 16 now. I am going to continue using the opk. I did start taking my temps this month as well. I haven't had a big jump yet. So, hopefully, it will happen soon.



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