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Kyla - November 8

I am not sure if I am pregnant but i have had a headache for 4 weeks(everday) I was feeling very sick for some time now on and off, I dont have sore br___ts but some days my nipple hurts so bad and than last week i had pains what felt like they were coming from my right ovary and it was really sensitive and it only lasted for a couple of hours. I am trying to get pregnant as of Beginning of october and i do believe that my period is very regular because i get it every 27 days if you count the brown discharge the day before. Is that i should have been fertile beginning of october but i still got my period could i be pregnant and not know. I have also gained 5 pounds and i am a very small girl and my belly looks very formed . I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my period and it showed neg. So could i be pregnant or is it just coincidence. please help


Viv - November 8

So you think you might have conceived 6 weeks ago, but you have only taken one test and that was 5 weeks ago. It's high time to take another test. Some women have bleeding at period time all the way through the first trimester and sometimes beyond.


kyla - November 8

Thank you so much for your Reply.So do you think this sounds normal.


Lauren - November 8

If you do still maybe get your period during your first trimester, then when is a good time to take a preg. test?


Lauren - November 8

Help I need some answers


Audrey - November 8

Most home pregnancy tests can detect a pregnancy within a week after a missed period. If you are still getting periods and think you're pregnant anyway, give it a shot.


forum - November 9

bump up


Kyla - November 9

IF anybody has experienced this or knows anything about it could you please write me back.please..................


Pam - November 9

Wow, I guess I should have read some of the posts before posting myself, I see that there are many people who are having headaches. . .unfortunetly, none of us know for sure if we are pg or not to know if it is a common symptom.



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