Not Sure If Im Pregnant Or Not

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Lisa - November 15

My last period was around the 8th of october 2005 , 2 weeks later I fell sick with the cold flue and started to vomit I didnt think much of it thought it was just the flue getting me down.I was put in hospital for the starting effects of phenomia and was given antobiotics and a needle that lasts a month or so the doctor said to make me not feel sick.... I was also given 8 litres of water due to being dehidrated. 2 weeks ago my br___ts started to become tender which is normal for me around my periods , I also started feeling slight sick in the morning, and this week i fealt weird fluttering below my belly button they start out of the blue usually when sitting or laying there not painful at all just weird feeling. The only discomfort is I have gotten more headaches lately and my back becomes sore if im standing too long, along with all this Im also feeling terribly tired I just feel like I have no energy at all. I have done 2 pregnancy tests at home last week 1 came up negative the other came up with 2 lines but the second was very pale. I went to the doctors on Friday and asked to have a blood test done to see if i was and it came up unconclusive. I then did another pregnancy test at home today its come up with 2 bright lines saying im pregnant..... So far i am around 8 to 10 days over due with my periods and still waiting and the syptems are sounding like I am pregnant but its hard not knowing. My thoughts at the moment are that maybe it was too soon to see if i was pregnant or not by the blood test or maybe its just my hormones playing up. Has any one else had a negative blood test but it turned out positive later?? I plan to go have another test on thursday the wait is killing me at the moment.


smile - November 15

Sounds like you pregnant!! Congrats to you and haver a healthy 9 months!!


smile - November 15

Sounds like your pregnant! Have a healthy 9 months!!


pregprincess - November 15

Girlfriend your pregnant!!!


Em - November 15

I agree, you def sound pregnant. THe blood test was inconclusive, not neg there is a difference. If it was a yes and no test, then it may not have known what to make of your hormone level. go get another blood test. Ask for one that messures the actual levels....Good luck and let us know how it goes....


Lisa - November 20

On Thursday I went back to the doctors still no period and it came up positive but faint on the urine test I then had a blood test and on Friday the doctors phoned to say I was pregnant and prob about 4 or 5 weeks so thanks all for the comments I am sooooo excited at the moment!



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