Not Sure If Pregnant

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Kerri - February 21

Hi, I suspected that I was pregnant and had quite a few symptoms such as tender aerolas, fatigue, lower period like cramping, and many others. I took one HPT test and one urine test at a walk in clinic and then went for blood work and all came back negative. I'm 24 reg and my last period was spotty as more of a brownish colour like the period was ending rather than starting and on the second day had still the brownish colour but with mucus and only lasted a day and a half. Normally I don't get any symptoms other than my back aching before my period starts so the above symptoms were new but can't figure out what the problem is or if I am pregnant? Please help!


lyla - February 21

sounds like you could of had implantation bleeding. I know you here alot of stories about women getting a positive test result after the first day of their missed period, but some don't get a Positive until later, as much as 6 weeks into the pregnancy! you should wait another week and test again.


Kerri - February 22

Thanks Iyla for your answer and that is what I'm suspecting too but I always thought that if you got blood work done and it comes back negative that chances are greater that you aren't pregnant unless maybe testing too soon but I've had that feeling to retest again so my next period is due Mar 5. This would be our first baby so hopefully I am! Will keep you posted!


Kerri - February 22

Anyone else in the same boat? Only problem is I take a mild muscle relaxer to sleep at night and not sure if I should be taking it if I'm preg but with two HPT's and a blood test coming back negative its very frustrating cause if I am I will be stopping and getting something else that is not prescribed as I am a very very light sleeper. Only other problem, I can't get into my doctor as the receptionist there doesn't answer the phone and you have to go in fill out a sheet saying you want an appointment and then you have to go home and wait for them to call you back is that not frustrating or what?


Alexis - February 22

What kind of blood test was it? The qualitive that's just yes/no or quant_tive that reads how much pregnancy hormone you have.


worry wart - February 22

relax its all in your head. the same thing happened to me. i doubt you are pregnate if your tests came back neg. take a chill pill!!!!!!!!!!


Kerri - February 23

Alexis, Its quant_tive reading how much hormone level is in your system but it could have been too soon but its funny that I'm still getting period like cramps but I will wait to see if my next period comes around.


Kerri - February 23

Worry wart, I don't know if you are being sarcastic by saying take a "chill pill" but I am a female bodybuilder who KNOWS when there is something different going on with my body and I'm checking into this for safety sake to see if its O.K. to take a prescribed medicine and to make sure I stop if I shouldn't be in case I'am pregnant. While I don't disagree of a blood test comes back negative then its negative, that's fine I will try again. I'm not in any way worrying about it when I get pregnant I get pregnant. So you can take a chill pill!!!!!!


Kerri - February 23

In general, we go on this site not to be judged but for advice from other people on pregnancy symptoms and if other people want to judge and make negative personal opinions for instance("its all in your head", "you don't know what you are talking about", etc.) then they shouldn't use this site as their input is worthless unless they are an expert in the pregnancy field. I don't mind sharing my input with others if I think can be helpful but don't make it personal!!!!


Kyla - February 23

Worrywart, Did you get any tests done to see if ure preg? What makes you think that you know someone else's symptoms? Kerri when did you test for pg?


Kerri - February 24

Thanks to all who have responded to my question and if there is any other positive input please let me know as I will be due for my next period Mar 5!



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