Not Sure If These Signs Are Right

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Marsha - November 28

Last week, I had wierd acid reflux, felt nauseated all the time, and even started crying for absolutely no reason while I was teaching a class! I was due to start Tuesday, (I'm on the pill, but have switched pills twice in the last six months) and I spotted on Tuesday, had a very light period on Wednesday, and basically nothing else. Now, I still feel a little nauseated, but I'm still cramping and I've never been a big cramper, and today, my br___ts are heavy and sore, but especially, my nipples are really tingly. I took a test on Wednesday morning and it said it was negative. Do you think I should take another one? I have been married for 5 months, and I'm not sure when we had s_x in the last month (if I was ovulating or not) but he always pulls out. Is it even possible??? I just feel very wierd and unlike myself. I'm wondering if these signs are fitting in with the timeline of being pregnant (I'd guess about 3 weeks or so??)


lala - November 28

The pull out method is not really effective. See, prec_m or pre-ejaculate, has sperm in it. It has a 25% failure rate.


Grandpa Viv - November 28

If you are on the pill and take them on the prescribed schedule, there is really no reason to be using withdrawal - not a satisfactory completion. However, it does however sound as though you might be pregnant, perhaps as a result of missing a pill or two. My suggestion is that you take another test or two at one week intervals, and call the doctor's office (the one who prescribed the pills) to see if you should start the next pill pack or wait to see what happens.


chrissy30753 - November 28

well i didnt change pills i come off them to get pregnant.. but ever since i'e been of the pill.. i have very sore and heavy b___sts... i felt weird and had cramps.. so this could jus tbe signs of changing your pills.. if your taking you pills on time and he is piulling out the chances of you being pregnant are really slim



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