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closer - February 4

Right, where to start? .. My last period was around 5-6th January and finished about 12-13th January. Now, Me and my boyfriend had s_x on saturday 27th for 5 days ... non-stop! and all of the times was without a condom. I have been having signs of coming on my period for a while now but havent actually came on, i was wondering if you still get signs of coming on your period when you are pregnant? i know the only way to tell is to have a test but i just wanted to know. I have had some pink bleeding, well like bleeding after i pee, and i had that for about two/three days, I have heard that that could be implanitation bleeding but could also be a kind of water infection ? please msg back Thanks Cass X


melissap - February 4

how long are your cycles?? If you are on a 28 day cycle your af was due yesterday?? I started teh same day and I am on a 25 day cycle and have finished my af. I ovulated on the 17th of January but I do early. If you ovulated on day 14 that would have been the 19th of January. You may ovulate late but unless we know how long your cycle is I can't really say probably not possible but if af doesn;t come take a test to see. Good Luck


closer - February 4

hello melissap, im not sure what you mean :s i dont know what af is? and im not sure how to know how long my cycle is ? :s


BrendaW - February 4

Af is your period or "Aunt Flow". Your cycle starts the first day of red flow. That is cycle day one. If you bleed typically every four weeks, that is a 28 day cycle. If that is the case your probably O'd around the 20th in which case having s_x on the 27th and after probably wouldnt have created a baby. However, if you O'd later then it could be possible. It all depends on the day you Ovulated. Anyways, you would just barely be a day or say late with a 28 day cycle. The pink bleeding is interesting however. You should definitely take an early hpt test with first morning urine. let us know!


closer - February 4

right i kind of understand it now i just dont understand how you know when the cycle ends? feel silly askingbecause everyone on here knows what they are talking about :s but thnaks your helping a lot x


melissap - February 4

hi closer. To find out your cycle length you count the 1st day of your period as day 1 up until the last day before you start again for example I started my last period on Jan 6th and my next on January 30th gives my a cycle of 25 days. Do you know when your period is due next?? If it ends up being late take a home preg test but chances are slim that you concieved.


closer - February 4

oh i understand now! Thanks! I think im due on on the 8th? right, i just worked out (because i dont really keep track) that i started my period on 8th january not 5-6th. so does that make it any different? i took a hpt yesterday morning but it came up negative. ive had the felling though for the last few days that im on my period or its coming but never has? .. sorry for being a pain in the arse, im rubbish at this stuff :D thanks for all your help x


Grandpa Viv - February 4

If you indeed ovulated Jan 19th and the egg only lasted a day, then Jan 27th would have been too late for conception. If you typically have a 35 day cycle, start to start, then Jan 26th would have been ovulation and you might perhaps be pregnant. Good luck!


closer - February 4

ok thank you all very much xxx


Ally - February 4

closer, Hi how are you going, I also started my af on the 8th Jan! and am waiting to see what results of this month, i normally have a 28day cycle and normally i'm pretty much on the day... still waiting to see.. i have endometriosis and have been told it is going to be hard to get pregnant, and i should start trying asap if i want to have children.


closer - February 5

its a pain in the b___t when you can't tell aint it?!! sorry to hear about that, but i wish you the bestest of luck!! :D xx


DaBonkElsMe - February 5

Hey girl! I know how you feel with all of this cycle stuff, I was just as green as you when I first started trying to conceive. One of the best things I did to learn my cycles was to start taking my temperature every morning. If and when you get your next period, try going to There you can read up on everything about your cycles and even start a free chart for your temperatures. Taaking your temp every morning let's you know exactly what your body is doing. Whether or not you are actually ovulating, when you usually ovulate, and how long your cycles are on average. This way you guess alot less about when to have s_x to catch that egg before it is lost. Good luck! Let us know how you make out!


closer - February 6

turns out it was a water infection, but still no period and my bodys giving me all the signs of being on my period, but negative hpt x


Ally - February 8

closer, how is it going?


closer - February 10

hello ally, well i came on my period, it was a week late but i came on. so looks like im not pregnant. thanks for asking. how are things with you? x



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