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curlygurly02 - February 17

Ok, my period was due on Valentine's last period started on Jan. 16 and I have a 29 day cycle...very very rarely it will be 28 or 30 I waited until this morning to test a whole three days late (because AF always starts in the morning) and I used a FRER and it was negative! *sigh* I used Answer OPKs this month and *thought* I had a positive on the 30th...which I thought meant that I would O soon and we BDd a bunch....I just dont get there anyway I could still be pregnant even though the early result test said negative with FMU?


krissy2006 - February 18

If you are late and you got a BFN chances are you aren't PG. If you aren't convinced wait about a week from the first time you tested and retest then. If still BFN you may want to contact your Dr. to see why your period is staying away OR you can continue and wait for you next expected period because maybe you ovulated late or didn't ovulate at all. +++ OPKs do not predict actual ovulation. They show an high surge in lutenizing hormone which usually causes ovulation. However, many women get several positives (several surges) before she actually ovulates and some women get +++ and don't ovulate. (the OPK picks up the surge but the surge is not big enough to provoke ovulation)... In order to know for sure when you ovulate basal body temping is the way to go and the ONLY way to know EXACTLY when you ovulated. As for the fact that you believed you timed BDing perfectly etc, even the healthiest, most fertile couples who have s_x days up to and on the day of ovulation only have a 30% chance of pregnancy. As many have stated, we are engrained with the idea that if we miss our birth control method or accidentally have s_x without protection we will **automatically** fall pregnant, and that just ISN'T the case, although there are some women, who fortunately (and for some unfortunately) for them, do. In any case, don't give up hope... test again and let us know what happens!!



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