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tritty - May 18

I'm just curious how many women out there weren't trying to get pregnant and then just found out they were. What is your story like? the reason i ask is because so many women try so hard and every little thing that happens is a "symptom." anyone not trying to get pregnant and how did you find out you were? just thought it'd be fun to find out!


Emma2 - May 18

I wasn't trying....and I got pregnant.


snugglybugglys - May 18

I wasn't trying with my second and third pregnancy.


tritty - May 18

thanks for the response ladies. so my question to you is what was your first sign or symptom of being pg? did you miss your period first or were there other things. because when you're not searching for symptoms they're probably easier to brush off..... i'm just curious.


Jenny - May 18

When I found out I was pg, I was living in O.k. for the summer. I am from Texas and I moved there for a summer job. My bf did'nt want me to go and we were kind of fighting about it, but we had makeup s_x before I left. ( always the pull out method) He came to visit me two week after I was there and of course we bd again. Come the end of the month no sign of af so I got a cheap test which came out bfn, still 4 or 5 days later no af, so I bought a FR, and within seconds the second line appeared. Today my son is 3 and now me and my dh have be married for almost 2 years, our son followed behind us at our wedding. We have been ttc for almost 9 months for baby # 2 but luck. It is odd how things work out!!!


Jenny - May 18

I just thought I was getting a summer cold.


tritty - May 18

jenny thanks for sharing your story. you're right, it is crazy how things work out. i wish you luck and hopefully you'll have a bfp in the near future!


Saird - May 18

Hi tritty, with my first pregnancy, it was my 1st month of college. My new friends and I would meet in the caf everyday for bagels and cream cheese. About the third week into school, cream cheese started tasting gross and I thought I was getting tired of it. By the fourth week I couldn't go in the caf without feeling nauseated. Then I had *TMI* this huge glob of CM one night and realized I was probably late for AF. I took a test and it was positive. By that monday at school I couldn't even go on the floor the caf was on or I would vomit! I obviously wasn't trying!


Amber #2 - May 18

I got pregnant with my first when I was not trying. I had recently finished my 4th semester of college and me and my bf had just moved in together (much to my parents dismay). I started a new job and had met a girl there that was older than me and already had kids. She was really sweet and we decided to hang out one weekend. Well, I accidentally brushed up against my b___b really hard and I literally yelled out in the car b/c it hurt so bad. I told her that my b___bs had been hurting for the past few weeks and she said "Are you pregnant?" At the time, I didn't even know that sore b___bs were a sign of pregnancy b/c pregnancy had never even entered my mind, but she obviously did since she already had kiddos. My first thought was "of course I'm not", but then I started thinking about it and realized that I had not had a period in nearly 2 months. I wanted to wait to see if I maybe started within a week and I never did so the next weekend I took a test and it was instantly a BFP. I now have a little boy that will be turning 5 in July!!


tritty - May 18

saird and amber #2 thanks for sharing your stories! i think it's so much fun to see what other people have been through and i hope this thread can help out others that are trying. sometimes the "not-so-obvious" things at first tend to be more than you thought. it just seems like everyone is like, i had a headache today and a cramp and i think im pregnant....not saying that looking for signs is bad....i just wanted to hear what went through the minds of those whose BFP was a big fat surprise. thanks again..... anyone else that wants to share please do so.


Jamie - May 19

My daughter was conceived Thanksgiving weekend. I was in the military at the time, and all through the month of December, we had a training excercise that required me to work from about 5 a.m. til about 9 p.m. outdoors, in Germany - dunno if you've ever been outside in Germany in December, but it's a little cold. Anyway, so we had this big exercise going on, working long hours, no time for meal breaks, etc., so I thought I was just stressed out, which would explain no AF. I also thought I had caught the flu that was going around. Body hurt, nauseous, exhausted, plus I was drinking tons of water and coffee so I had to pee all the time...DH started telling me I was pregnant, and I kept saying it was the flu, and as soon as the exercise was over, I'd get better. The exercise ended right before Christmas, so I spent the holiday drinking tea, eating chicken noodle soup, sleeping, and generally trying to kick the flu. The week between Christmas and New Year's, we had a 6 mile unit run...within 15 minutes of starting the run, I had to stop and walk behind the unit, and was puking pretty much every other step. A fellow soldier asked if I might be pregnant, to which I responded "No way, but the husband thinks I am" - My NCO (boss) heard the exchange, and made me go to the doctor to get tested.


aggie03 - May 19

I havent been on bc for over 2 years due to IC, so Dh and I are very carefull. I keep a supply of Dollar Tree HPTs just to easy my mind every once in awhile. We hardly had s_x that month but I woke up one day from a dream about a kid.... I wasnt late just took a test and after all those negs you dont believe it when you see poss! Then I noticed the bb, and the cm, and my husband had said, you have been eating and sleeping alot". ***funny side note, Ihavent shared with too many....My dh has a mild form of s_xomnia--instead of sleep walking and such he try to initiate s_x but is completely asleep and doesnt remmeber. (most of the time I wake him up, but sometimes Im like what the hell..hehe) I thought it was funny until I relized thats why Im pg now! hes not "carefull" when he is asleep! Thought yall would enjoy that...really strange huh!


AMS82 - May 19

Can someone tell me what the AF, CM means?? Thanks


Emma2 - May 19



Emma2 - May 19

My 1st indication was the blue prominent veins on my b___bs at about 9-10 dpo ...Never had them before and these were ma__sive~


tritty - May 19

aggie03- LOL... thanks for sharing your story. i can honestly say that i've never heard of s_xomnia before but i probably wouldn't mind if my DH had it either :) That's too funny. And for Amber #2 you are a real trooper! To go through all of that and still not consider pregnancy. WOW! But at least you were in good shape!


Emily - May 19

I got pregnant while on pill and nursing my 11 month old dd. I was only a couple days late and had cramping like I thought my period was coming, but it didn't show up so I thought I would test because I had the same menstral like crmaps when I got prengnat with my first and af never came. It was very faint so I waited a couple more days and tested again. BFP. The only sysmetoms were teh normal af like stuff.....



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