Nothing In Sac At U S

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Rylee - April 26

I have a question about something. Just wondering if your hcg levels increase if there's an empty sac. Very nervous about my u/s on Friday, but my hcg levels have been increasing well, so I'm just wondering if there's nothing in the sac, then do the hcg levels increase or stay the same?? Thanks


Grandpa Viv - April 26

hCG levels do not increase as they should in an ectopic pregnancy. In a molar pregnancy I think sometimes they skyrocket and can fool the hCG test into giving a negative. If you have been doubling hCG every few days there should be no need for concern. Good luck!


Kathy K. - April 26

Dear Rylee, I just went thru a m/c with an empty sac and yes all my levels kept going up, not drastically, but up. I also still had all the signs of pregnancy but lost the baby.


kelygal - April 27

I had a m/c in October and my hcg levels were normal (for pregnancy) but at ultra sound there was nothing there. :( Best of luck to you!


Alison - April 27

Rylee when I had my blighted ovum (empty sac) my HCG levels had been barely changing since they first checked them at week 6. They did increase slightly (I was told this is because it's not the baby itself that supplies the hormones so even if baby isn't there they can still increase a little) but they were not anywhere near doubling. The sac grew about 2 mm in 2 and a half weeks and hormones were more or less the same and every scan showed an empty sac. No baby and no yolk sac. The fact that your levels are doubling is very encouraging! Let us know how scan goes it is sounding good though xxx


Krystal - April 27

I had the same thing happen when i was pregnant. They seen the sac,but nothing was in it, and i was bleeding at the time. They thought that i had a miscarriage, but my hcg levels kept on rising, and my daughter is now two


Audrey - April 27

Rylee- I can understand how you feel. I had a blighted ovum last Nov. and miscarried at 13 weeks. DH and I are now planning to try again, hopefully this time it'll work. Best of luck to you!



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