Nothing Seen In U S Symptoms Still There PLEASE HELP

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Meg - February 18

SORRY FOR BEING VERY LONG!!! Can I take as a definite NO from the Dr's? I am very irregular with my periods, but never in my life experienced such symptoms as I am experiencing now. Even some HPTs had blurred pinky shadows on them after a while the very very faint positive line was there. I have br___t soreness, white nipples, tingless in my br___ts and tummy, blue vein in my br___t and my private, flutters right below the belly button and that part is a bit harder. When i lay down I can feel like I have something hard in there, I have all the time some milky but not very thick discharge at all the times that makes me feel that me period started, when I go on the toilet nothing is there. My mood changes without reason and I feel cry for everything. I feel like I am having the flu. All the time I feel kind of nausea and I have a pore apet_te until I start eating and than I eat. My last was 22 November. Can i kindly ask for any comments from anyone PLEASE because I am so dissapointed :o(


Dena - February 18

How was the U/S done? Was it an internal one or on your stomach? If they did the one on your stomach they might not have seen anything. Usually when your pregnant they do the first u/s internal because the baby is so small they wouldn't be able to see it from your stomach. And did the Dr. do the u/s or was it a tech?


SugarPie - February 18

Exactly, Dena! Meg, you have to have an internal one done. And maybe the baby is hiding behind something and they can't see it. Was your bladder totally full? There's so many variables here. Make another appointment with another gyno. Explain your symptoms. Ask to see their midwife. You have to see a "pro-woman" ob/gyn and midwife. That's the only way you can find out! Don't get discouraged. This may the beginning of a very long road, but it certainly isn't the end. Until you get the answers of why the hell-o you're feeling like this, that answer simply isn't good enough!!! Remember when I wrote about two women who were in the same position as us?! It took five months of pregnancy for them to even see the baby!!!! Can you believe that? Don't start giving up now. You have to find out what is wrong.


Meg - February 18

Thank you Dena and SugarPie. No the dr had a stomac u/s and he gave me some tablets (progesterone) to take them for one week and than to wait another week for the periods to come. He said that if you are pregnant your peiods will not come but they will not do anything bad because they are good for pregnancy as well. So I don't know whether i should take them or not. Yes the u/s was done by the best doc's in this place. And I am a bit worried because he told me that my uterus is a bit smaller because I didn't have period for 2 1/2 months now (5.9 centimeter with 3.5 centimeter and normall size is 7 with 4 centimeter) He said that after two weeks, so when i finish with tablets and i wait for one week, he will do a v____al u/s. I am soo worried he managed to turn me dow really. Last night i was crying like a baby and thanks god my husband is so nice person he was trying to get me out of that stress but it didn't help much. What should I do??? It's enough for me being in stress for few month now and now again for two weeks???


Dena - February 18

Meg don't stress about it too much. Stressing out over it won't help anything. Don't worry about your uterus being small, my friends uterus was inside out, and the problem was fixed and she had a normal pregnancy.


kim - February 18

I just wanted to say that I have always had irregular periods, and sometimes I have every pregnancy symptom there is and I am not pregnant. I think your hormones can do strange things to your body. I had trouble conceiving my kids also, b/c of my periods. I found a herbal supplement called New Phase, it is for women going through menopause. Anyway I didn't have a period for 2 years and took this for 2 months, finally after 2 years had a period 3 months later I was pregnant. This stuff was a Godsend for me. If you confirm your not pregnant and still no period, try this it really does work. Dr. gave me progestrone too, no period, but this pill worked for me.


Meg - February 21

Thank you very much Kim. I am still in progesterone and I have appointment in 10 days for final check with v____al U/S (and probably I am not pregnant) than I will find this New Phase. I just have one question, can Vitex do the same result???


Meg - February 22

To Kim: Can you please give me more detailes about New Phase (like website) as I can't find anything in the net. And yes if I'm not prego I wil try to get them. Thank you again. *** God Bless ***


trixie-to sugarpie - February 22

hi...i had an ultrasound done too.both abdominal n internal.. but my doc just called me n said it is normal.. wot does tht mean.. i am going to see my doc tomm.. if i am preggy , i think i wud b abt 6 weeks..would it b possible to see a baby at this early stage


SugarPie - February 22

Trixie: This is totally from what I've read and have been told by ignorant people.. so hopefully the info won't be wrong.. but I think the heartbeat has to be audible in order for an ultrasound to work. Six weeks seems a couple, if not a few weeks for a baby's heart to be heard. I could totally be wrong, but i thought that between 8 (the earliest) to 12 weeks is generally when the sonograms are used. So, if that fact is true then of course your ultrasound would be normal. The heart is still inaudible. Ask Grandpa Viv what he thinks about that..


to everyone - February 22

I am sorry to say a normal u/s means no pregnancy. My doctor explained everything to me during a visit. The u/s tech did not see anything. Sometimes when you want something so bad,our bodies give us signs that are not there. Maybe you feel pregnant because you want a baby. Keep trying and it will happen one day. God only give us what we can handle.


trixie- - February 22

sugarpie:thanx for ur quick response.lets just doc can figure out something or someone can before i go nuts.. lol..dunno wot to do abt brown discharge..


elliot - February 23

you are gay h]nf';uy['*lo



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