Nothing To Do To Pgncy But I Need Women S Advice Amp Opinion

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nicole - August 31

Hey ladies! like i said this has nothing to do with pregnancy buuut my fiance's sister is getting married on september 30th at 630pm. I live in northwestern OH so the weather could be cool or it could be quit warm still...... it OH whooo knows lol! anyway i need advice on what to wear to a fall wedding. Ive never been to a fall one only spring and summer. Im 20. and advice on what to wear or not wear would be great!!! silly i know lol THANK YOU


Annabell - August 31

Nichole, where a dress with tan colors really girly. Or a nice pair of pants with a firty top. Or a skirt not to short with a flirty top. Just what ever you wear make it fimine and girly. you know how all those hsirts are of luck


Betsy - September 1

Dress up like Audrey Hepburn (SP?) a fancy hat with an austrige feathers and fall colors - you can find a tweed-like suit at a vintage clothes shop.... ask a salesperson for advice!


Alisha - September 1

If you don't know what the weather will be, wear something that will work for any kind of weather. Dressy pants and a short sleeve fancy shirt. Dont wear a dress. I wore a dress to a spring wedding this year expecting it to be hot and it downpored. I was soaked, cold and uncomfortable the whole time. I wish I had taken my own advice.


moo - September 1

Since it is in the evening I'm sure it will be more on the cooler side. so make sure youe look girly but warm and comfortable. I'd go for a lightweight 3 piece suit . Autum colours and an extreemly frilly shirt to show off fom under the jacket. oh make sure you have a very s_xy hairdo. that should make you feel special. Since you are the fiance's sister, check on the colours the rest of her family will wear you would not want to clash or be just like any of them. hope that helped. Were i come from a lot of fuss is made over these things.


Tonya - September 1

I got married a few years back in September in Michigan... It was 80 & beautiful on my wedding day. Also, my family is from the north & all say the weather is gorgeous lately... I'm sure a nice top & a skirt would do. If the reception runs late, just bring a jacket. I promise it won't be snowing up there yet- lol:)


nicole - September 1

Thank all of you sooo much for your advice!!! it helped a lot! still feel kinda silly but thank you all! :p and yes Tonya it wont snow the day it snows in september is the day i move south and never come back!!! lol


Olivene - September 2

Something with a removable jacket. Not white. An evening wedding could be a little be more glamorous- find something you love to wear. What colors do you look good in? Where is the wedding?Indoors? Church?



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