Noticing Veins

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L - December 26

How significant a sign of pregnancy are 'noticeable' veins? Just yesterday, I have noticed an increase in visibility of my veins in both of my legs, arms, and my left br___t (my bigger one) and the front part of my shoulders (leading down towards my br___ts). This is something I really think I would have noticed before. They are not blue, but blueish-green (although they do seem to be more blue today than they were yesterday) Does anyone know how big of a pregnancy factor this is?


Marla - December 26

that was one of my questions today see my husband and I started ttc on the 12 I had mild cramping for 3 days then spotted 3 to 4 days then I started to notice I was tired more and then when I got up this morning I dont know if they have always been there or not but the was really dark blue vein on my shoulder pointing down to my b___st and then on each b___st the are 2 veins that are big in the dark part of my b___st I dont know what that means but hopefully it is a good sign but I do know that veins in the b___st area it a sign happy holidays


Grandpa Viv - December 27

Blood vessel building mode is a pretty good indication. The same effect can cause the v____a to appear purple and occasionally the face to blush. Normally there would be other signs too, like the tiredness and cramping and spotting that Marla mentions.


L - December 27

Thanks to both for your input. I have other signs, but I keep testing neg on hpts. I did get one faint positive, but after that one I tested 3 times over a period of five days and got negs. I have noticed that my cheeks are 'rosier' and my right cheek looks like it has a 'spider vein' on it. Is that a sign? One annoying symptom that I have, that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon is burping all the time. I burp a lot more whenever I start to feel nauseated. I have had mild cramping in my lower ab area off and on for the last two weeks, and have also had the 'tingling' sensation in my b___sts (also off and on). My b___sts don't seem bigger, but my nipples sure the heck are. The area that is right around both of my nipples seems to be getting darker too. Maybe I am just imagining things....who knows?



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