Now How Should I Calculate And Has Anyone Used Preseed

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maddie - May 22

Quick question for anyone...I usually have a 29-30 day cycle. That is until this month is was 35 days. How would I determine best O days a 30 day or 35 day cycle? I want to get ready for next month. I also have purchased O calculating strips and preseed...If anyone has used these let me know how they work. I really hope this is my month...


lisa - May 22

wats preseed


lisa - May 22

no one know what presees is?


maddie - May 22

Pressed is a sperm friendly lubricant....not sure if its works though


Maggie - May 22

Maddie, I hate to tell you hon, but I think you got ripped off with the Preseed. KY can also be considered a sperm-friendly lubricant b/c it doesn't kill sperm. Any measures a man would have to take to increase their sperm count would definately not come from a lubricant. See if you could get a refund. Good Luck and ~~~~BABY DUST~~~~!!!!


maddie - May 22

Thanks for the info....I ordered it b/c my doc said it is better than KY if going to use lubricant? Oh well....only $14...maybe will make for fun BDing :))


Maggie - May 22

lol...your doc. probably has stock in the company that makes preseed, so he pushed it on you. But hay, I agree with your att_tude about it....let the good times roll:p


melanie - May 22

Actually I have used preseed for my first last year. KY and other lubs like it are not good for conception purposes since they tend to be a bit thick so hard for sperm to swim and also changes v____al ph....preseed is great for conception. Good luck


kd - May 23

Pre-seed is actually dr. recommended and clinically tested. It has a ph that is the same as the cm so it doesn't kill sperm. You have more chance of conceiving because more sperm survive. Even saliva and water kill sperm, as well as every other lubricant available, including KY which forms a barrier between sperm and cervical entrance. The sperm basically hit their equivalent of a brick wall and lose thier motility when you use other lubricants. I haven't bought this product yet but I already found a drug store in my area that carries it and am going to try it this cycle. There is a good article about lubricants and ttc which quotes independant studies performed in the last few years here: Good luck everyone!


tt - May 23

well, if saliva, water, and lubricant kill sperm, why are all these darn people pregnant throughout the ages! I have conceived 3 times, I guess I was lucky, because I know there was saliva and lubricant in use!! But if it makes you feel better, do what you must.


tt - May 23

PS: And, if they did really kill sperm, why wouldn't they market lubricant as birth control!! LOL!!! melanie - May 23

thank you for the info....appreciate it


calm down - May 23

tt...just to let you know it has been found KY and others like it can hinder conception. Please don't state that if it makes you feel do have the right to state your opinion since this is an open forum. But to act like your the expert on this and make comments like if it make you feel better. Please have some compa__sion for others feelings.


sm - May 24

Of course ky, saliva and water dont kill all sperm, but they do kill some. When you consider out of the 100 million sperm that are ejaculated only about 200 make it to the fallopian tube you dont want to make it any harder for them. Eggwhite is meant to be good. Even if ky just killed 200 out of the 100 million, it may or may not be the 200 which make it to the final run... preseed sounds like it may be ok if it has been tested. A tiny bit of baby oil is ok too apparently. Or just get him to use force. ;-) lol


mel - May 24



tt - May 24

Just so you know, someone else used my name in the last post, I did not write that! Did not mean to offend anyone by saying "if it makes you feel better" what is wrong with saying that??? In the scheme of things, do what you want if you believe it will help you! Its not my money your spending, and it can't HURT. WEll, the egg white thing can hurt, that has been proven to be pretty dangerous, not very good advice unless you are really careful.


IMO - May 24

maybe sperm that are not strong enough to live through saliva and ky, are not strong enough to make it to where they need to go anyway . . . we only want the good ones out of those 100 million.



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