Now I M Totally Confused

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Bren1367 - October 29

Well, I've started a new cycle of ttc. I am on cd5 and sooo confused. I hope someone can help. I have been charting temps, cp, and cm for 3 months and today I got ewcm while my cp is high and soft. It doesn't make sense. These are both indicators of being fertile but I don't usually ov until cd13 or cd14. Also my s_x drive is pretty high right now and that is very unusual for me. We have been ttc for 5 years so it's kind of just like having fun, only around the time of ov. LOL! Sounds kinda boring, but it works for us. Well, for me anyway. Hehehe! If anyone has experienced ewcm this early or has any comment, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!


melissadunn - October 30

Are you sure that you're not preg? Taht was a few of my symptoms, especially the discharge, and I'm pg! I have been looking for you to tell you! I am 4 weeks and three days! The baby is due July 5. This truley is a miracle from God! He is the only reason why I was able to get pg. We have waited for so long for this little miracle. Good luck to you and thanks for being a great support!


kelbabe - October 30

yeah, take a test to be sure, if bfn, then maybe you are ovulating early!! at least your 2ww will come and go quicker!!!


julepowers - October 30

it is possible to ovulate early. Although I am quite regular, I go from ovluating day 18 to day 9 sometimes? So, maybe it's early? I would BD just in case and definitely check for prego!!!


Bren1367 - October 31

OMG melissa! That is the absolute best news!!! I am sooo happy for you. I know you had been trying for 5yrs like me. Wow, I am almost in tears for you. That is truly special and like you said a miracle from God! I'm really glad to hear from you and definately with that info. All of my chat buddies are now preg. Woohoo! I pray that I will get my bfp next. GL and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!


Bren1367 - October 31

Well to answer your question, I am pretty sure that I'm not pg. My temps are down like normal for this time of month and I don't think I'm ov. early. I just think it's a fluke thing or somethin. I've decided I also can't go by cp because it seems to be all over the place even within the same day. LOL! My body is just crazy I guess. I did buy pre-seed to try this month, has anyone ever tried this and ended up pg?



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