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Andi - January 24

has anyone ever used this form of bc? thought i was preg. and went to the doc today and he told me to test in 3 weeks then start taking this as protection i am just wondering how effective it is and if i do start taking it , when i deside to have a baby will it effect my being fertile? i don't want that to happen i want a baby but my b/f and i are wanting to wait till we get married.


hi - January 24

I had that as my form of birth control for a month or two. I just couldn't trust it, so I went with an IUD... which worked fine until it got infected and had to be removed. I am now 4 months pregnant. LOL.. so good luck with yours!


andi - January 24

when you say you couldn't trust it you mean like getting pregnant?


hi - January 28

Pretty much. My Dr. told me that they aren't really sure how exactly it works, but it somehow does. THAT was not enough for me!


Grandpa Viv - January 28

The pregnancy consultant at our Health Department uses NuvaRing and swears by it. Its just another way of delivering hormones like the patch or birth control pills, but with somewhat less chance of forgetting. Google NuvaRing, you'll get plenty of relevant hits.


Andi - January 31

Thank you both. so grandpa viv you think that they are safe.


Grandpa Viv - January 31

Safe? Like in protection against conception, or against side effects, or against upsets in getting pregnant later? All of the hormone birth control products have a list of side effects that you should read before making your decision. The reason they came up with mini-pills was to cut down on side effects, but the danger is that a slight deviation from the time schedule increases the chance of conception. Even v____al spermicide has some side effects. You should do your own research on this - there are plenty of web sites that make comparisons. My contribution is that you should use condoms as backup and as protection against STDs unless you are in a long term monogamous relationship.



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