O D On CD12

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ashleyd - June 1

My af was 2 days late last month (and it came normally...nothing odd other than being slightly late) and normally I normally ovulate CD14-16 (I have on average 31 day cycles) but this month i had ewcm CD11-12 and now of course, it's gone. I'm now on CD16. Could this be caused by my af being late last month, or something else?


Emma2 - June 1

It should have been the other way around typically. If your AF comes later Ovulation should be delayed in order to keep the same luteal phase. You can't be too certain that you Ovulated just by EWCM. I never had it on or around Ovulation and sure enough Im 15 weeks today!


ashleyd - June 1

well..charting my temp isn't reliable for me... and I'm fairly certain of ovulation - I feel it...and for about 2 days there is a significant change in discharge, not to mention b___sts become slightly tender, and I cramp a bit... after those 2 days, it goes away (everything) and I patiently wait on af (bleh...lol). I thought maybe it was my body's way of "catching up" as far as the cycle thing goes...and congrats :)


Lin - June 1

Did you recently go off the pill? Have you been temping? How are you determining your ovulation time? I normally O on cd 12, and I've got a 28 day cycle, so my luteal phase is on the long (but not too long) side. Sounds like this might be the case for you.


ashleyd - June 4

As for the pill, no..haven't been on it for over 2 years. As for temping, I wouldn't be precise about it - so it wouldn't work for me. Determining has been based on the way my body feels, and what type of discharge I have because it changes dramatically throughout my cycle. Everything from sticky/creamy after AF, to watery a few days after, to jelly-like (ewcm), and back the other way around til AF happens. Everything seems to be off this month...like...CD18, and it's happening again. my LMP was normal...if not a little heavy, but was 2 days late...on April 27th I was in the ER...and of course they test everyone for pregnancy in the on site lab so they can give certain meds (was neg)..of course at that time I'm figuring I was near O (don't remember now)... So...yeah, I doubt it would have been April that caused it because of that neg, and the fact that AF came full force...and then this month things just seem off. I guess I'm rambling, but I figure I've still got 14 days til AF is due, and I'm wondering... : \



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