Obsessing And Alone

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Debbie - December 13

My husband and I returned to the Catholic Church last April and began using Natural Family Planning. Our whole situation is a long story, but what it comes down to is that I want to have a baby and he doesn't . I am 40 and he is 45. He's a doctor and says we're too old. Anyway, I told him that I would like to get pregnant and then put him in charge of checking the fertility calendar (an on-line service through mymonthlycycles.com). The other night he initiated intercourse and I didn't stop him even though I knew I could be fertile. I never said anything and feel a little guilty, but I have been open with him about my desire to become pregnant. Well, that was on December 9th and my period isn't due until Christmas day! Ugh! What a time to be obsessing about this. I know a lot of you can relate to the obsession part. How do you get it off your mind? I try to focus on other things but before long I'm back to obsessing about it. Oh well. Thanks for listening. I Can't talk to any friends or family and don't want to "upset" my hubby until I miss my period.


Dana - December 13

Debbie, Believe me I know about obsessing about hoping to become pregnant. I even posted another post on here for the first time. Its nice to have someone to talk to who is feeling the same way. I get the feeling from reading all of the posts that you and I are definetely not alone. There are a ton of us hopefuls. Hang in there Debbie. Everything happens to all of us for a reason. Hopefully, all of us will be soon blessed with baby:) :) Best wishes all!


Suzie Q - December 13

WOW!! Finally!!! I am also due for AF on Christmas day! :) I am hoping she doesnt show up! I used the ovulation kit for the first time i hope it worked! Good luck to you and let me know how it goes! :)


B - December 13

I wouldn't feel guilty about this at all. You have been open and honest with him and he has to take some accountability. Good luck to you!! I hope things turn out the way you want!


Debbie - December 13

Thank you Dana, Suzie, and B. Well, either I am pregnant or I have a virus with no fever. My hubby has already "popped the question." I told him it's possible that I am pregnant and he said, "Oh well, whatever God's will is." YEAH!


twingle - December 13

That's how I had my third ;-)


twingle - December 13

Let me rephrase that...I, too, am Catholic, and it was after we switched to Natural Planning (which cracks me up since technically it IS a form of birth control) that I became PG with my little guy after twins. Now I'm waiting to see if Natural Planning has, once again, thrown yet another curveball. Hopefully a female curveball...3 boys is enough! :)


Debbie - December 14

Thanks Twingle, I think I actually have a virus. I may still be pregnant, but I'll have towait and see for sure on that. I know what you mean about NFP being birth control but I guess the Church just wants us to be open to life and still be responsible. If most Americans were honest, we could probably have 10 kids and still be ok financially. We only have 2 because of not being Catholic all those years, but now I want another one. Oh well.



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