Oct 2ww

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Bren1367 - October 11

Hey girls! Nina, Melissa, Mich__ly, I hope you find me! My temp went up today so I think I ov yesterday, maybe. Not for sure, FF doesn't show ov until temp is elevated for 3 days. I will bd tonight and tomorrow to be sure. Here's to the fun 2ww and turning every little thing into a symptom! Anyone who wants to chat, feel free to join us and our 2ww obsessions! WooHoo!!


michelly4 - October 11

2ww obsession is sure true. i think that I have read too much and know too much. I don't know if I am just thinking of the symptoms and hoping that is what they are. I am now 6 dpo. On day 4, I had cramping and my bb's started hurting. last night I had strange dreams. I have heard the other women talking about this. But it could just be me being anxious. I feel like I have been going to the bathroom more but not sure. BB's still hurt though. Mostly the left one. It feels like someone is squeezing it constantly. Felt a little nauseous today but is it just me wanting it to be true ? Well anyway...Good luck with the babydancing ! Have fun !!!


NinaS82 - October 11

Yaaaaaaaaay, a new thread! Well, I think I o'd yesterday also but will be bd'ing everyday till sat to be sure. Here comes 2 weeks of insanity and obsession. hahahaha. Michelly, your symptoms sound promising. I will pray for you. I hope this is a lucky thread and we all get BFP!!!! :)


michelly4 - October 12

So how is everyon doing today ? Any more symptoms? My bb's still hurt. I used to get it before af came but only like the day before. I am now 7 dpo and they have been hurting since 4 dpo. I hope that is a good sign !


NinaS82 - October 12

Good morning ladies. Michelly, that does sound like a pg symptom, and bbs hurting are sometimes the first sign. I hope you get a bfp!!! As for me, dh and i have been bd'ing everday since saturday. We were kinda arguing last night and didnt bd. The problem is i either o'd wednesday(we did bd wed) or yesterday, ahhhhhhhhhhh. I might have missed it again this month :(


Bren1367 - October 12

Good Morning! I did terrible with my plan of everyday this month. I am sure I ov on the 10th as well and we bd on the 9th and 10th. We didn't bd last night, DH was at his dad's shop fixing my sons 4-wheeler and didn't get home till like 12am. Darn it! Oh well, he was doing somethin nice for Gage. I had wanted to hit 2 days before, the day of ov, and the day after. I only got the day before and the day of. I really hope that works. I used to only hit the day before because of bd'ing every other day. I am a little frustrated this month, usually I'm ok with whatever happens but I had a plan this time and it didn't go as planned. ~sighs~ Now I am 2dpo, probaby won't see any signs for awhile if I am pg. The bb's is definately a sign. I can't really go off that because mine always get fuller right after ov and stay that way until af. Last month they didn't. Don't know why. Now they are a tiny bit fuller, not like normal though. Oh, I am having some (tmi) bad gas the last 2 days. LOL, doubt it's a sign this early. Hehehe! Gotta get the chillins fed. Talk to ya later.


wantbabyboy - October 12

hello ladies my lp was sept 23 and we bd on oct 5&6 and 11 ..I think I ovu on oct 08 ....now my left bb is hurting and it has a bump on it that kills ..hard to wear a bra ...yesterday the bump even popped and white stuff came out ...sorry tmi ...I am in pain ...when you think I should test ladies ?...yesyterday i tested and it was a bfn.


NinaS82 - October 12

Hey Bren. Seems like were on the same mc and bd cycle. lol. i didnt bd last night either. I had a positive opk on tues, so does that mean i o'd on wednesday? we did bd wednesday night. Although the o calculator is saying i o'd yesterday. it's so wierd. Bren, that was nice of your husband to help your son with his 4 wheeler! Wantbabyboy, i think what u had on ur b___st was just a pimple that popped. Michelly, bbs hurting is def a good sign! Hope u get that bfp!!!!!!!


cnasmom - October 12

hey ladies care if I join? I am on my 2ww also. I think i od around the 8th. But may have been earlier cuz for the last 3 days had heartburn, i only get that when i'm prego. and I have been pukey feeling which i only do when i am prego also. I just feel really BLAH. I hope we all get BFP!!! baby dust :)


Worththewait - October 13

I hate the 2ww. Seems most of pthe pregnancy symptoms are pms symptoms. Gas, sore bb's and crankiness lol.


Bren1367 - October 13

I agree. Why can't there be totally separate symptoms? I think we should be able to know right when conception occurs. LOL! Nobody likes this 2ww. We want to know NOW! Hehe! Welcome cnasmom and worththewait. How is everyone this weekend?


wantbabyboy - October 13

good evening ladies ...anyone out there ...as gross as it sounds You where right NINAS82 I have put anti cream on ...it was due to my previous pregnancy that I lost this june ...anyway smart ladie ..thanks .baby dust ladies!!!


Bren1367 - October 14

Hi ladies! How is everyone? Any symptoms yet? I don't even have any to make up yet. Hehehe! I'm only 4dpo so I don't expect to see anything this soon. Anywho, let me know how things are going.


melissadunn - October 14

Hey all! How was everyone's weekend? Good I hope. Well, I went to the dr. on Fri. for my u/s. It showed that I had two mature follicles. They gave me my hcg shot and Sat. morning we did the IUI. So, I am officially on the 2ww and 2 dpo. Obviously no signs. I agree. I wish the preg. symptoms were complteley different from af. Kinda a cruel trick from Mother Nature! **babydust**


michelly4 - October 14

Well I am now 9 dpo and bb's are still getting lots of pain in them. Little nauseous at times and moody. Have gotten these symptome before af but bb's have never hurt this early. They have been having pains since 4 dpo. I am hoping it's a good sign. Going to try to wait till af is due on Fri to test. Cervix is high and soft and I did read where it will do that during early pregnancy. So I am hopeful but try not to get to hopeful ! How's everyone else ?


cnasmom - October 15

well i am around 8 dpo. so i have pains going through bb's and still pukey feeling. i have no clue how to check my cervix, lol. so i cant go by that. how is everyone else?


NinaS82 - October 16

Hey Ladies! Sorry been MIA. Been busy with in-laws all weekend. Well, im about 6dpo today and no signs for me. Im not really looking for them this month and obsessing about it like I did last month. I drove myself crazy!!! I hope all is well with you. Bren, what are you upto hun? Any signs for you? Melissa, michelle, and cnasmom, good luck to you guys! I really hope we allllllllllll get BFP this month! Babydust to allllllllllll.



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