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michelly4 - October 19

Hi gisrls. I thought that those of us who got our BFP's this month can chat. How is everyone doing? I went today and had a quant_tative beta-hcg and progesterone levels drawn. I have to have them done every week for 6 weeks to make sure the pregnancy is not in my tube. I had a reversal in June so it is just something the dr. wants. And then in a few weeks I get to go do a trans va___al ultrasound ! My hcg was 80 and from what I have read that is good. So I guess I have to wait till next week to see how well it goes up. More waiting !!!


NinaS82 - October 19

I just got my bfp at 8dpo last night. And 3 positives today at 9 dpo. I go to the doc on tuesday. Im so excited! Hope your feeling well!


NinaS82 - October 19

The online calculator is telling me my due date is July 3, 2008. Another caculator told me July 1, 2008. Ill just have to wait till I go to the doc :) I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and we HAVE to stay in touch since were so close together! :)


ellemenopee - October 19

I was supposed to start my period today but instead I think I'm pregnant! I got to faint BFPs yesterday. This was our very first month we tried. My husband thinks he is a stud. He is also in denial. I think my due date will be June 27.


meg - October 19

Hey ladies. I also got a BFP this month! I have had two beta tests, 1st one, at 13 DPO was 156 & 2nd one, at 15 DPO was 381! I go again on Monday to have another one & then hopefully I'tt be getting close to high enough so I can have an u/s the following week! I can't wait to see the heartbeat! Oh, I'm due around June 23.


Bren1367 - October 20

Congrats to all!!!!!!!!


nola-gal - October 20

Congratulations, ladies! Can y'all tell me if you're even having symptoms yet, what they are, and when they started?


mjvdec01 - October 20

meg- when you had your first blood test were you testing neg with htp's? I am 13dpo today and have orders inat the lab right now for whenever I want, I'm just afraid to go. AF is due on monday.


NinaS82 - October 20

Ellen, a positive is a positive, unless its an evap line. First Response are the best cause they rarely have evaps and are the most reliable. Congrads in advance :) Meg, Congrads! Im also due around the same time as you. Join the June mommies club on the first trimester board! :) Bren, hurry up and get your bfp, im waiting for you! Nola, I didnt really have any strong symptoms. I had cramps like af was coming(and I still do cause its my uterus stretching for the baby), my hips/thighs were achy, my b___sts arent that tender yet, no nausea, just peeing frequently! Mjvdec, I hope you get that bfp, and as soon as you do let us know! :) Dont be scared to find out results, whats meant to be will be. And also, dont get discouraged with a negative if u dont start your af. Some women just take longer to show a +. Babydust to allllllllllllllll :)


nola-gal - October 20

thanks for the response, ninas. other than pink slime on monday, i have had no symptoms other than being tired. so i took a test this am and it was negative. but i just took it apart to see what it's made of and it had a second blue line where the strip is glued to the sponge. hmmm? it was walgreens early response. thoughts on that? calling the doc monday. my cycles are 29-25 days, and today is day 43. my partner and i were not the most careful this month...and we do it a lot. sorry if tmi. congrats to all who are preg. i'll be content either way. it's up to god.


nola-gal - October 20

that's 29-35 days for my cycles...oops!



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