Odd Period Could I Be Preg

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holly_gail - June 14

Hi everyone. I had a 33 day cycle last month and this month it was 35 days. I usually get cramps and everything before I start, like a couple of days before. Well I thought I was ovulating last week and I grabbed hubby and went to bd. The next day I wake up and realise that I've started. No cramps or anything just period. I was crushed because I thought I was ovulating just the day before. Well later that day, after I started, I got cramps. The next day the cramps were gone and they came back today. They never do this. Also, the period is not normal. It's usually pretty heavy. I use like a pad a day? Even then the pad isn't full I just change it to be clean and stuff. I am totally blind so I can't tell if the blood is dark or whatever I just know that it doesn't feel like it normally does. Well tonight I was sitting here on the computer doing some online courses and I felt this flutter filling right below my belly button. It only lasted for like a second or two and never happened again. Could I be pregnant? Can implantation bleeding last for 4 days? I go to the doctor tomorrow for some shoulder pain I've been having, but would it be too soon to test for pregnancy? I mean if it is implantation don't you have to wait a week or two to let the hcg build up in your system? I've never felt this flutter before. It felt like a tiny butterfly for a split second right below my belly button, like an inch or two below it. Am I crazy? Or could I be pregnant? Someone please help or email me. [email protected] Thanks.


Rhonda - June 14

I think IB can last up to 5 days.So you may be preggers(will keep my fingers crossed for you.


holly_gail - June 14

Thanks. I hope I'm preg? I am not going to get my hopes up though. If I go to the doctor tomorrow do you think they could tell? or would it not havebeen enough time to build up in my system yet? Thanks!


alreadymom1 - June 14

holly-gail - I've just ahd the exact same thing...I stopped BCP end April, had normal period 1/05/06, then nothing until 10/06/06, and extremely light, lasted four days..finsihed yesterday to be exact..I've put it down to goign off pill, haven't had preggie symptoms at all, but now I wonder a bit? Let me know what you doc says, I had a blood test done 02/06/06 and BFN, so I'm totally lost...


Lin - June 14

The fluttering was gas. As for the bleeding - there's no way it had anything to do with implantation if it occurred the day after you had s_x and the day after ovulation. It was more likely due to the s_x itself or to ovulation (spotting at ovulation time can occur for a variety of reasons). It typically takes 6-12 days after an egg is fertilized for it to implant in the uterus. Alreadymom1 - your light period probably had to do with quitting the pill. It really screws up your hormones, and some women either don't get a period at all for a few months after quitting or have one and then miss one or two. After I quit the pill, my periods have all been extremely light and don't last more than two days. Two of them even lasted less than one day. Mine are normally 5 days. I stopped taking the bcp last October.



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