Off Bc First Month Feeling Some Signs

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Maren Bell - April 14

I have only been off birth control a month and my husband and I were going to wait until July to try and conceive. But, we have had unprotected s_x during ovulation. It has only been a few days but I feel br___t tenderness, constipation and tons of hormones running throughout my systems. It is too early for a pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant?


Melony - April 14

This is my second month off the pill. The signs you are discribing sounds like what I had last month. I think it has to do with your hormones and your body trying to get back to normal. I could be wrong, but I had the exact same symptoms. Good Luck! :)


Melissa - April 15

I got pregant the first month I was off my pill. Very suprised! Good Luck if you are ready!


Dawn - April 15

Hi Maren, yes, those hormones are running wild! Coming off the pill can do nasty nasty things to us when we're TTC. It can be very misleading. I went off the pill in Dec 04 (was on for 11 years) and every month I go through this. I have nausea, very sore, tingly & veiny b___sts, lower back pain, mucus discharge, spotting at 8-9 DPO (which always make me think it's implantation but it's not!) extreme fatigue and constipation....4th month in a row now where I'm going thru this and I always think I've conceived, but nope. But, everyone is different and you have symotoms so this could be your month! I think you could be pregnant! As far as testing goes, because it seems very common for us "coming off the pill'ers" to feel these symptoms similiar to being pregnant, I'd wait until you miss a period to take a test. Baby Dust!! Good Luck!


vander - April 15

same situation for me AND I was over a week late the first month. i was certain i was pregnant . . . it can be very frustrating! Good luck!


L - April 15

Yup, the first while off of the pill SUCKS!!!! I came off in January, my first cycle was 49 days long (and, based on symptoms, I could have SWORN I was pregnant) and I am now on day 47 of my second cycle. Had I known then what I know now I really don't think i would have even started the pill!



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