Off Pill On Day Of Ovulation Pregnant

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mandalina - July 20

I stopped taking the pill after the first week of pills. On the day I took the last pill I was ovulating. I had s_x that day, 7/13, and the next 2 days, we want to get pregnant. On the third day, 7/17, I started bleeding, mid cycle. That lasted for 3 days, my periods are always 6. Could I be pregnant? I know about taking a test, but I have 9 more days till my normal period starts. I know that the egg stays in the fallopian tube for the first 8-10 days after fertilization, today is the 7th day. So what I want to know is if I could be pregnant eventhough I went off the pill on the same day of s_x and bled three days after. Anyone have same story?


Mandalina - July 20

anyone out there?


Tulip - July 21

Doesn't the pill suppress ovulation?- so there may not have been any ovulation going on while you were still taking the pills. Your bleeding on the 17th was probably withdrawal bleeding from going off the pill. They do say, however, that you can get pregnant as soon as the pill is out of your system. It just depends on when your body goes back to be normal. Your period may be late because of having been on the pill. And if your cycles were longer before the pill, they will be again. After I went off the pill my period was quite late, even though I am usually very predictable pill or not. If you are late, it won't hurt to take a test, of course, but you also might want to have s_x every couple of days because you just never know when/if you will ovulate this month. Good luck and Baby dust!


Jen - July 21

Mandalina, how do you know you were ovulating because if you are on the pill you shouldn't have been. Why did you stop taking your pills after the first week? I've read that when you wish to stop the pill you should finish the whole pack and then don't continue with a new one. It very well could have been breakthrough bleeding, my body does that too when I miss just one pill. However, this is my last month on the pill cuz me and my husband will start trying to conceive. I am just wondering how long it will take me to ovulate after have being on the pill for 5 years lol. Good luck.



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